Updated Team Needs: NFC North


One of the most important factors when preparing for the NFL Draft is knowing each and every NFL team.  NFL Mocks keeps a very close eye on each team and will bring you an updated needs assessment at the end of each month.  These needs will help as we prepare to make predictions for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Continue to check out our team needs page to find the most recent assessments.  Also after looking at the team needs move on over to the Big Board and see what prospects might fit your teams need.

Chicago Bears

If the Bears could only get their offensive weapons some protection. Chicago is simply giving up way too many sacks, tackles for loss, and QB hits to sustain winning over the course of the season. The organization has been handcuffed without a first or second round pick the past two seasons, but they may have to give up another year of drafting high to get some help and save their jobs. New England loves draft picks and I bet one or two from the Bears could get them to part with Mankins. If the season ended today though, the Bears would be in the last eight picks where they may be able to snag OT Anthony Castonzo or OT Joseph Barksdale who would be value picks at the bottom of the first. Grabbing some young talented defenders such as DT Nevis Drake or LB Mark Herzlich at the bottom of the first would go a long way to help out an aging defense.

Detroit Lions

When are the Lions going to catch a break? They were down to their 3rd string QB this weekend after Shaun Hill broke his arm late in the first half. And they were still only a possession away from overtime on the road against a hot defense. Much like the Bears, the Lions have to keep their quarterback from getting injured. Unlike the Bears, if the draft where today the Lions would have the 5th overall pick. There isn’t any value in a weaker offensive line class, but having a top five pick means at chance at a highly ranked player and someone like CB Patrick Peterson would beef up the secondary and special teams considerably. LB Akeem Ayers would also help out a greatly improved front seven, but they need to keep the QB healthy.

Green Bay Packers

A running theme through out the NFC North is the inconsistent line play, but the Packers have a newer problem emerging on defense. Not only is an injury plague taking most of them out, they have simply been average and unable to close out their last few games. Much like their average defense, Green Bay would be picking 15th (the middle) if the draft were today. CB Prince Amukamara could help a lacking secondary or a hybrid defender like Cameron Heyward who could play the 5-tech and nickel end in the Packer 3-4 defense. A running back that could handle or share the load with Grant when he’s healthy would be great, but Mark Ingram is the only running back currently worth a first round pick and 15 may still be to high a value for running backs compared to other positions and talent possibly available.

Minnesota Vikings

One of the reasons Green Bay might not have a chance at another highly talent offensive lineman if the draft were today, would be because Minnesota would have a chance to take one before them. Right now the Vikings would have the 11th draft pick and that would give them a chance at #14 on the Big Board, OT Gabe Carimi. He could help bolster an offensive line that is getting older and will need some new talent in the coming years. They could also go after a CB like Prince Amukamara to help a secondary hurt by injuries and age. Or if a top ten player such as QB Jake Locker were to fall into their hands they would have quite the decision to make.