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2011 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Quarterback


Here at NFLMocks we are continuing to preparations for the 2011 NFL Draft.  We are flying through our Scouting Reports and have put out our 1st Mock Draft.  Now we are ranking the top 5 draft eligible prospects at each position.  These rankings help complement our Big Board but you will also find some players that are not on our Big Board.  We are giving each player a NFL player comparison but I caution everyone to take those comparisons lightly.  We hope that you use our rankings to help figure out who your team may target in the 2011 NFL Draft.


Top 5 Quarterbacks



So here we are ranking the top 5 quarterback prospects eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft.  We need to warn everyone that this will be a very fluid list with many updates and changes throughout the College Football Season. Right now we have Jake Locker ranked #1 because he represents the most upside.  He has great athletic ability as well as good throwing mechanics.  At #2 we have Ryan Mallett and he is a very interesting prospect.  He has excellent size and a very powerful arm but makes questionable decisions with the ball.  This season will be very important to his draft stock.  Andrew Luck is next and he could easily end the season at the top of our list.  He has all the tools but lacks experience.  On the other side of the spectrum is Christian Ponder who has a lot of game experience but has seen his share of ups and downs.  As of now we have Pat Devlin sitting at #5 but there are several other quarterbacks fighting for that 5th spot.  Devlin has all the physical tools but its unknown the impact playing at small school Delaware will play on his draft stock.  While Locker is ranked #1 I personally don’t see much of a gap between he and the other quarterback prospects.  This year’s long battle for the top quarterback spot will be very interesting to watch.


Scouting Reports: Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett