09 Draft Rankings: WRs


2009 NFL Draft Position Rankings:

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1. Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech) Round Projection: First 5 Picks

This is a once in a lifetime chance in my opinion. Even if he won’t be picked first, Crabtree is the most talented player available.

2. Jeremy Maclin (Missouri)

Round Projection: Middle 1st

Possibly the best route runner in the draft, Maclin (4.33 40) also has killer speed too.

3. Percy Harvin (Florida)

Round Projection: Middle First

It really depends on what the team is looking for when it comes down to Harvin vs. Bey for the #2 spot. Harvin can be used anywhere, but his 5 foot 11 inch height greatly hurts his draft stock.

4. Derrius Heyward Bey (Maryland)

Round Projection: Late 1st-2nd

And already our fourth explosive receiver. I thought he could’ve had a more productive year so he would be the talk of the WR corp.

5. Juaquin Iglesias (Oklahoma)

Round Projection: 2nd

His standout play in the Senior Bowl after the week of practice he had has convinced me that he is this year’s Eddie Royal The only things he’s lacking are great size and elite top-end speed.

6. Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina)

Round Projection: 2nd

Nicks is similar to Iglesias, just not quite as polished. He brings everything to the table except elite height and speed.

7. Kenny Britt (Rutgers)

Round Projection: 2nd-3rd

Britt has got great size and his college portfolio is impressive. We’re just not sure that he has that tremendous upside you look for in a WR prospect.

8. Brian Robiskie (Ohio State)

Round Projection: 2nd-5th

Robiskie’s speed (4.53 40) is the only thing holding him back at this point. He puts up great numbers (55 receptions, 11 TDs) on one of the nation’s best teams.

9. Derrick Williams (Penn State)

Round Projection: 3rd-6th

Here’s a guy that many teams will like because of his versatility. Want him to return kicks? No problem. Catch the football? No problem. His speed (4.38 40) makes him hard to tackle.

10. Louis Murphy (Florida)

Round Projection: 3rd-6th

Just had a minor knee surgery that could affect his stock. Serious deep threat in the vertical passing game who needs to work on the rest of his game.