Jul 28, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer (6) and Johnny Manziel (2) throw passes during training camp at Cleveland Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Takeaways: Ndamukong Suh Past Coming Back to Haunt

As the NFL forges ahead to the preseason and training camps continue, here are some takeaways from the latest news.

Detroit Lions have reached their end with the enigmatic Suh

A common practice in the NFL is to not let the best players get away when free agency rolls around.  However, sometimes exceptions have to be made.  It seems Ndamukong Suh has become one of them.  The defensive tackle has easily been the best player on the Detroit Lions defense, but also the one almost solely responsible for their bad boy image whether it be his antics on the field or standoffish attitude to the media.  Clearly the Lions organization isn’t having it anymore.  Regardless of how he plays in 2014, the team seems ready to let him test his value on the market next March, which should be one of the most interesting stories in recent memory.

Oakland Raiders may find a welcoming home in San Antonio

Speculation has hovered in the background for some time that the Oakland Raiders may explore the possibility of moving their team to a new city.  Initially there were thoughts of a shift back to Los Angeles, but things took an intriguing turn when San Antonio surfaced as a possible landing spot.  At first it doesn’t jump out like other front line towns, but after some thought the Raiders may in fact find a welcoming home there.  While it may not be the metropolis of Texas, San Antonio is certainly a prominent sports venue with a loyal fanbase.  Ask the Spurs, who have won five NBA championships there.  The addition of a pro football team could finally get it the respect it deserves, and give the Raiders a venue in a state rich with gridiron tradition.

Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel may go down to the wire

Without a doubt the most intriguing roster ball of NFL training camp resides in Cleveland, where veteran Brian Hoyer attempts to hold off high profile rookie Johnny Manziel for the starting job.  From one day to the next the reports are flying about which one has the advantage.  First it’s Manziel flashing his athleticism, the next it’s Hoyer looking a lot “like Tom Brady.”  Another analyst even went so far as to say neither player was good enough to get the Browns off the mat.  Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that nobody has a decisive advantage at this point.  Until game action comes around in August, nothing will change.  Expect this battle to go down to the eleventh hour.

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