Nov 3, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (12) signals first down after a catch against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears Should Feel Grateful Watching Josh Gordon

So many people are flummoxed by the increasingly bizarre case unfolding with receiver Josh Gordon.  If anything, it should make Chicago Bears fans appreciative.

Brandon Marshall achieved what many like him didn’t in NFL

Two years ago the NFL world was set ablaze when Bears GM Phil Emery kicked off his tenure by sending two third round draft picks to the Miami Dolphins for disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall.  The move was widely critiqued as very high risk/high reward.  On the one hand Marshall was a perennial Pro Bowl talent.  On the other?  He was immature, out of control off the field and a locker room cancer.  So many were certain that the move by the Bears would blow up in their faces, considering the lack of success they’d had for so long at wide receiver.

Then something strange happened.  All went quiet on the Marshall front.  He still remained his charismatic and outspoken self, but the arrogance and me-first attitude that had characterized his entire career had vanished.  Vowing to make good on his last chance, Brandon cleaned up his act, getting more involved with charity and taking on a leadership role in the locker room.  Raising money for Borderline Personality Disorder and helping Alshon Jeffery become a superstar are two clear examples of the work he has put in.  Suddenly the man who would potentially destroy the Chicago Bears has become one of its most indispensable assets.

Cleveland Browns experiencing the other side with Gordon

Unfortunately, the long-suffering Cleveland Browns and their fans are witnessing the other side.  The results of what happens when a franchise takes a shot on a ridiculously talented player and hoping he can get past his prior issues off the field.  For a time, aside from his early suspension it looked like everything was working out for Josh Gordon.  He was the best receiver in the NFL in 2013 and with the addition of Johnny Manziel in the draft it looked like things were finally starting to come together.

Then, before the draft was even over, news hit that Gordon was in trouble again.  For another substance abuse violation, again.  He is currently facing the prospects of a year-long suspension that will leave a gaping hole in the Browns passing attack.  If that weren’t bad enough, he added insult to injury by getting pulled over for DWI in North Carolina which could only add to his punishment.

While Cleveland fans begin to mull the prospects of losing easily their most promising star in years after just two seasons, Chicago Bears fans should remember the effort it took for Brandon Marshall to arrive from where he was back in 2012.

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    The only thing I would say here is that in Brandon Marshall’s case, it was not his “last chance” that woke him up & made him act better. Him discovering his Personality Disorder was 100% the reason for his turn around. For him, knowing that his brain was betraying him, & that it was NOT his conscious actions but rather his brain’s hard-wiring that caused these problems, gave him a sense of clarity. “I’m not a bad person” he finally thought “I’m just a little broken. & that’s okay.” Since being diagnosed, he has become the athlete we always knew he could be. So for Josh Gordon I don’t know if the “last chance” thing can work without an awaking of some other kind as well. I just hope he can turn it around like B Marsh.

    • Erik Lambert

      I would love nothing better than to see Gordon turn it around, especially for Cleveland. I won’t say the disorder was the only reason Marshall acted the way he did, but it was a big factor for certain. The key with Gordon is he’s only 23. Very young and immature. Clearly surrounded by the wrong people. Yet time is on his side. He can still rescue the situation, but he’ll have to pay his dues and admit to his mistakes.

      • Folt

        I agree with your assessment and hope he doesn’t squander this opportunity in his life. That being said, I never like the surrounded by the wrong people excuse/reason. I was kind of a terd as a kid and always heard I ran with wrong crowd. I realized one day that I was the wrong crowd. I think Brandon Marshall realized this and feel josh Gordon must do same. Our friends can’t destroy or save us we can only do that for ourselves.