May 21, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (12) during organized team activities at Cleveland Browns practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Takeaways: Josh Gordon Has To Go

A significant string of NFL new fell over the past week.  What are some thing to takeaway from the action?

Cleveland Browns and league need to take the money away from Gordon

Josh Gordon came into the NFL with problems.  The Cleveland Browns took a chance on him because his talent was off the charts.  For a time it seemed the gamble was paying off as he led the league in receiving last year.  However, it’s become more and more painfully obvious that the 23-year old cannot handle the spotlight and pressure cooker of pro sports success.  He is clearly immature, irresponsible and some would say idiotic.

How else does one explain how he gets arrested for DWI after he fails another drug test that could get him suspended for an entire season?  Forget the prospects of him not playing for Cleveland anymore.  It’s time the league did the right thing and take the money away by kicking him out altogether.  Maybe then he will learn some humility and grow up.

Robert Griffin III is a front runner for Comeback Player of the Year

His 2013 was forgettable in all facets but Robert Griffin III has vowed he would be back this NFL season and all signs hint at his promise being fulfilled.  Coaches report from practice that the Washington Redskins quarterback looks as fast as he was in his rookie season.  He has a new coaching staff and a fresh start in a system that will cater to his protection.  More than that he will have a substantially upgraded arsenal thanks to the return of tight end Jordan Reed and the arrival of free agent DeSean Jackson.  If he wasn’t before, RGIII is most certainly a favorite for Comeback Player of the Year now.

Detroit Lions have talent but not championship DNA

James Ihedigbo signed with the Detroit Lions to bolster their safety position.  Upon seeing the team on the practice field, he wasn’t shy about saying that the from top to bottom the Lions have what he calls the “championship DNA.”  One can understand his feelings when looking around the field and seeing Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, Reggie Bush and Matthew Stafford.

However, it’s also crucial to note that there is a considerable difference between a championship team and a talented team.  Championship teams find ways to win.  Talented teams find ways to lose.  Based on their performance last season, Detroit is clearly the latter.  Will a new coaching staff change that.  If multiple decades of history are any indication, there is reason for pessimism.

Baltimore Ravens cannot hide Ray Rice fiasco

Off-season practices are a great time to get updates on the progress of NFL rookies or players returning from injury.  So it was interesting when word came out of the Baltimore Ravens camp that Ray Rice was looking good and back to his old self on the field.  From a fan point of view that is great news considering what Rice has meant to the offense for years.  At the same time, an objective observer would think the Ravens are ever so subtly trying to move people past the fact that Rice assaulted his girlfriend.  Nobody likes bad press after all.  It’s a distraction.  Not that it matters.  Try as Baltimore might, they won’t be able to hide from Rice’s ugly off-season.

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