Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs in the third quarter against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch Has Nothing Left To Prove in NFL

Beast Mode wants more money.  Well after what he’s accomplished with the Seattle Seahawks, it’s only natural Marshawn Lynch feels that way.

Running style and ring make it hard for Lynch to warrant continuing

Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate for any player.  Normally the first goal is making the millions and then the second is getting the ring, which is always harder.  Thankfully for Marshawn Lynch, he’s accomplished both.  No player was more critical to the success of the Seattle Seahawks in their run to the championship than him.  In total Lynch accounted for 1,560 yards and 14 touchdowns.  No other Seahawks player even came close.  Much of that success is due to the relentless and punishing style he runs with, making it difficult for defenders to get him on the ground.  While it has led the Seahawks offense to new heights, inevitably it has also taken a toll on Lynch’s body.  Though he’s only 28-years old, given the way he runs it’s likely he has wear and tear of a player typically over the age of 35.  It’s very hard for a player to put forth that kind of effort.  Chasing a championship is typically the big motivator.  Now that Lynch has reached that summit, what is left for him to conquer?

Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman deals handcuff Seattle Seahawks

This situation may explain why the Pro Bowl running back has chosen to sit out team minicamps.  A running rumor is he wants more money and is contemplating retirement if he doesn’t get it.  One can understand Lynch’s position.  He is still the focal point of the offense and is coming off a championship year.  Demanding more money is within his right.  Unfortunately the Seahawks are in no position to give it to him.  Marshawn Lynch is already one of the top five highest paid runners in the game, but beyond that it’s becoming a salary cap issue for Seattle.  They already had to hand hefty paydays to star defenders Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman to keep their defense intact.  Never mind the fact that the rookie deal for quarterback Russell Wilson is almost up as well.  There simply isn’t enough money available to assuage the Beast, not without hurting the overall flexibility of the team.

Marshawn Lynch deserves more money.  That is how much he’s meant to the Seattle Seahawks.  Does he need it?  Probably not, but the Seahawks have to think about the long-term, something that often doesn’t involve older running backs.  So if the money doesn’t come, Lynch may choose to retire.  Not that he owes anybody anything anyway.

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  • Trakar

    Lynch hasn’t attended any optional OTAs or optional practices since he’s been in Seattle, and it isn’t uncommon for him to not attend many mandatory practices, I don’t see why this should be any different now? I keep hearing a lot of rumors and speculation, but nothing that I would characterize as reliable or believable. Until Pete, or Marshawn say something you’ll all just have to pardon my “whatever!”

    • Erik Lambert

      Let me ask you this then, Trakar. If you got your big money deal, won a championship and ran the way Lynch has for eight seasons, would you consider hanging it up?

      • Trakar

        At 28, the peak of my career, and no significant injuries, two more years on a multimillion dollar contract with a team that has based their entire offense around my style and performance at playing a game that I love to play…what, do you think he looks stupid?

        • Erik Lambert

          Stupid for wanting to be able to walk when he’s old? No. As I recall 28 is not considered the very prime of a running back but more on the tail end. Granted, he has avoided major injuries but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t playing hurt. You view being the focal point of the offense as a blessing. That may be true for a quarterback, but for a running back like Lynch it means lots of touches and lots of hits. Even a tough S.O.B like him has limits and he knows it.

          • Trakar

            Rookie RBs tend to be 22/23, it generally takes 2-3 years to adjust to NFL and come fully into your own as an RB 24/26. A running back generally has a peak career of 2-4 years 26/30, most modern running backs begin declining in ability after the age of 30

            Marshawn knew these facts two years ago when he considered that this was an outstanding contract. The contract hasn’t changed. I can see him asking for a bit of a reward for playing the role he has and personally, if this hadn’t been pumped all out of proportion, I think that might have happened in one form or another.
            Personally, I don’t think anything at all will happen, if we don’t see him on the field before training camp. If it goes on without any type of addressments beyond the start of training camp, then repeating as division champions becomes much more difficult, with an almost assured much less effective run game, and weaker pass protection.

  • Julie

    Who knows if any of this is real or some reporter started a rumor to spice up the low news cycle for June. What i do believe is if Lynch wants a little more cash this year, I think the Hawks should sit down and talk to him. His situation was a little different a few years back when he first came here and signed on. Since arriving in Seattle he has put his nose to the grindstone, worked hard and laid his heart and soul out on that field and has been a major factor in bringing the Hawks to this epic point. I’d love to see him stay on with the Hawks, play hard another year or so and then mentor a year or so. Lots to be said for having those veterans on the roster and let him retire a Seahawk. He’s a one of a kind player, especially at his position, I’d love to see him as a retired Seahawk the day he’s inducted into the HOF. Go Beast! Go Hawks.

  • scout Brown

    Kedrick rhodes west alabama running back would have been a great fit for the Seahawks surprised the Seahawks didn’t pick him up great athlete great blocker an receiver he’s worth a look at sure he will make team