Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans safety Ed Reed (20) waves to the crowd after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Houston Texans 30-9 at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Possible Ed Reed Landing Spots for 2014 NFL Season

Former All-Pro safety Ed Reed insists he has enough left in the tank to play in 2014.  So where in the NFL might he find a home?

St. Louis Rams

Veteran safeties tend to get exposed unless they play behind strong pass rushes, which is why it will be important for Ed Reed to seek out teams that need safety help but have strong defensive lines.  His best hope might be the St. Louis Rams.  Their front four could be the most deadly in terms of pass rush behind Robert Quinn, Chris Long and now Aaron Donald.  Reed and his rangy style of play would fit well next to T.J. McDonald.  That of course is assuming his instincts and speed are still good enough.

Chicago Bears

Another team with all sorts of questions at safety.  The current competition is “wide open” on their defense according to coaches.  Former starter Chris Conte is rehabbing from shoulder surgery and didn’t play well last season.  That would leave M.D. Jennings, Ryan Mundy and rookie Brock Vereen as the principle obstacles Reed would have to beat out in order to earn a starting job.  He’d have Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston and Jeremiah Ratliff rushing the passer, so it’s certainly a job worth having for somebody keen enough to grab it.

Kansas City Chiefs

One of the hopes for the Kansas City Chiefs was to find help at safety in order to lend a hand to Pro Bowler Eric Berry.  Despite his best efforts, he is not the best coverage man, proving to be more of a classic box safety.  So to think Husain Abdullah or Malcolm Bronson would be responsible for the back end is a little unnerving for Chiefs fans.  Even at age 35, Ed Reed would likely be an upgrade over them and his experience in a 3-4 system would mesh well.  Throw in Justin Houston and Tamba Hali as pass rushers, and it’s a good spot to land.

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  • brian mckendry

    please emery, bring in reed to see what he has left at safety, what is the risk, he would only be taking close to the minimum anyways, you always said you would upgrade if there was someone out there that might be better, so get ur done!

    • Erik Lambert

      It’s certainly possible but I think Emery will wait until into training camp when he has a chance to see what the Bears have in pads before making a determination. Reed is experienced enough to where he won’t need as much time to absorb into a system as younger players.

      • Brian

        I like the thought of him coming in… Even if emery doesn’t think he’d use him at all, he’d be great locker room presence and just think of everything he can pass of knowledge wise to our safeties… Especially to bring Vereen to the NFL level…

        • Erik Lambert

          It’s really a win-win for all involved, but that depends on whether Emery sees it the same way.

  • Reggie Flenory

    1.)chiefs dont have the cap space

    2..)we have a 2nd yr player outta georgia thats gonna alide in there and do fine in sanders commings and we also have husain abdula for back up

    3.) Ed doesnt fit bob suttons 3-4 single high safety loook we need some one fast amd cam cover ground ed likes to take to many chances back there

    4.) Hes washed up if he wasnr hed still have a job in houston

    • Erik Lambert

      They don’t have the space to sign a guy to the vet minimum?

      I’m sure Reed can cover up his diminished physical skill with anticipation and savvy, which he has in abundance. His washout in Houston was more about the death spiral that team was already in.

      • Reggie Flenory

        Bro we are barely umder the cap and from what im hearing already they really like sanders commimgs and they resigned husain and cut demps if he was willing to take the league minimum maybe but only for depth but he wouldnt start

        • Erik Lambert

          At first probably not, but just because Commings has their eye now doesn’t mean he’s the real deal. There might come a point in training camp or preseason where a cheap veteran like Reed might look preferable Minds change fast in the NFL.

          • Reggie Flenory

            Doubt it bro the chiefs are alll about gettimg youmger and faster trust me the ladt couple drafts have been all about speed and scheme this year

            Dee ford olb :6’2 235 4.5 in the forty high production in college

            GAINES 6’2 190 db outta rice 4.3 fourty most lead the nation in pass break ups

            de anthony thomas rb/slot 5’8 175 4.3 fourty

            Trust me bro bigger and faster is what the chiefs arw after and whwn u look aroumd at this div hat we are in thats definatley the movement everybodys gettin young er and faster and we have to stay pace

          • David A Maupin

            D’anthony ran a disappointing 4.55 forty. Also small. He isnt helping with the “getting bigger” part.

            Eric was referring to “possible” landing spots. The Chiefs would certainly be a decent possibility. As would the Bears. I never would have thought after getting Houston and Young that we would have landed Allen but we did. The Chiefs are certainly in the running for Reed.

          • Reggie Flenory

            De anthony actually ran a 4.3 at his pro day4.5 at rhe combine and when you look at the game tape thay definatley 4.3 speed on tape secondly the chiefs are not gonna sign reed the only way we do is the ir list starts to grow

  • MichaelNupe Thompson

    Would be cool if the rams made that move. We certainly have no vets in the secondary. I doubt they do it cause they’re getting younger. How much I’d the vet min

    • Erik Lambert

      Around $900,000. They can afford it and great defense is not all about youth, Michael. It’s about a balance of youth and experience. That dynamite Seahawks team was led by Sherman and Thomas, but the 30-year old Red Bryant was a major contributor against the run. Veterans have a big place on a defense provided they aren’t leaned on too heavily.

  • Dr. Johnny Nacho

    I agree with bringing him into camp to see what he truly has left in the tank. Playing for the Texans and Jets last year while not really healthy isn’t a good judgement. Cut him if he doesn’t have anything left…..then move on to the original plan…at the very least having an all-pro around teaching the craft would be beneficial.

    • Erik Lambert

      Having time to rest his body might squeeze one more year out of him and allow the Bears to take their time with Brock Vereen rather than throwing him to the fire right away.

  • Buddy guy

    As a Bears fan please do not bring in Ed Reed! He is way to injury prone and he cannot stay on the field long enough to make a difference