Nov 24, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) makes a reception during the fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Reliant Stadium. The Jaguars defeated the Texans 13-6. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Who Could Lure Andre Johnson from the Houston Texans?

Despite a few months passing and a new influx of talent for the Houston Texans, Andre Johnson remains steadfast in his uncertainty to stay there.  If a trade does begin to circulate, are there any teams who could step to the forefront?

Cleveland Browns are front runners after Josh Gordon mess

Every trade situation tends to bring up a no-brainer team that seems like the obvious destination.  In a case like Andre Johnson, that team has to be the Cleveland Browns.  Prior to the draft is seemed like they were set up for success.  They had a talented, young roster in place that merely needed some additions to bring it all together.  One area was wide receiver.  Despite the presence of 2013 receiving leader Josh Gordon, there was a feeling the depth was an issue by many.  Recent events have accelerated those concerns.  Gordon reportedly tested positive on another drug test, an infraction that could see him banned from the league for an entire season and all but crippling the entire Browns passing attack.  Without him some would argue they don’t even have a #2 receiver, let alone a #1.  That would make a proven star like Johnson look awfully enticing.  He could give them an outside option to help tight end Jordan Cameron and the Browns have the salary cap space to handle his big contract.  It would also ease the pressure on rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel if and when he sees the field.

Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles fit his bill

The problem is the Browns would not be an ideal destination for Johnson.  His clear desire is not about money but winning.  Cleveland is not a contender at this stage and while improving offers few guarantees in the near future.  Johnson wants to join a winning team that can get him to a Super Bowl.  So the question is which such teams have the means and the motive?  At the top of the list are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Both have enough cap space to handle Johnson’s contract and both have serious reason to put him on their offense.  The Bengals would jump at the chance to pair him with their own All-Pro A.J. Green, giving Andy Dalton yet another dynamic weapon.  Meanwhile the Eagles are run by an offensive mastermind in Chip Kelly who could find a myriad of ways to use Johnson alongside Jeremy Maclin, Zach Ertz and LeSean McCoy.

The fact is the Houston Texans have no reason to get rid of Andre Johnson at the moment.  Until he forces the issue no trade is going to happen.  Still, the possibility lingers and there is no shortage of places he can land.

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  • Anthony Ray

    Matt schaub and Andre Johnson reunion?

    • trinity

      Andre would run from that. The guy wants to win a superbowl. Why in the world would he go to Oakland of all places, to play with a quarterback who drove his last season into the ground?

    • Bryan S.

      Johnson just threw up……!!

    • Kenneth R DeLeon Jr

      AJ would retire. Kubiak starting Schuab when he should have been riding pine is what i think was the biggest contributor to AJ being frustrated in Houston, and when he looked around at things, he’s just not see’ing much to keep him here, specially if O’Brien decides to not play Keenum. You could see during the games that AJ liked Keenum’s passing.

  • Bryan S.

    He’s only got a few years left in him so he will most definitely want to go to a contender. Seattle, San Francisco, New England, New Orleans, Carolina, or possibly even Kansas City could make a run at him. I believe Denver is pretty much set at the position

    • Brady Warshawsky

      I as a KC fan don’t see the Chiefs making a run at him. We’d rather keep our picks, plus it seems the coaching staff is really high on a few of our younger developmental receivers to step up, ie AJ Jenkins, Junior Hemingway, and newly drafted De’Anthony Thomas aka Black Mamba to replace Dex McCluster’s spot in the slot

    • Erik Lambert

      None of those teams have the salary cap to handle Johnson’s deal anyway.

      • Bryan S.

        Which is one of the reasons he will probably stay in Houston. I just can’t see him leaving the Texans to go to the Raiders to be with Matt Schaub again.

        • Erik Lambert

          Schaub is one reason that won’t happen but the Raiders don’t have the salary either.

          • Panther Hines

            What is his salary for ’14?

          • Erik Lambert

            $10.8 million.

  • Yahoo. Com

    Dre for Mallet

    • Erik Lambert

      Word is the Texans aren’t interested in Mallett anymore but even if they were a straight up deal wouldn’t work because the Patriots don’t have the cap.

  • tubbs45

    Wonder if the chargers could make a run at him for draft pick(s) and if they were able to shed some salary. Clary and royal come to mind. I know management likes clary, but they will have considerable cap room next year, if DRE were willing to negotiate. I realize the this is a total pipe dream, but smoke em if ya got em!

    • Erik Lambert

      Nice idea but too impractical.

      • tubbs45

        Agreed, but impratical is the fans game!

  • @hghworks

    He could be damaged goods

  • David Petrocelli

    As a Bengal and Hurricane fan, I wish. But with the team moving towards a run-heavy approach, already possessing a multitude of weapons, and needing to resign other players there’s no way they’d take that cap hit for the next few years. He would have to take a serious pay cut to even consider the Bengals a possibility. Just no way.

  • Teddy Swan

    What about the Steelers? They’ve got plenty of cap space and are always one or two pieces away from a run in the playoffs. The Colts are also a team I could see, but idk if Houston would trade him within the division.

    • Erik Lambert

      Steelers have under $400,000 in cap space, Teddy. That is not nearly enough.