Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second quarter at Coliseum. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 56-31. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Where Can the Oakland Raiders Trade Terrelle Pryor?

It was a rumor not too long ago but now it’s official.  The Oakland Raiders want to move Terrelle Pryor.  What are some possible landing spots?

Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer seems like the penciled in starter for the Cleveland Browns, at least for the moment.  Experts fully expect them to add a rookie quarterback early in the draft to compete for the starting job.  Hoyer is coming off a torn ACL, and of course rookies are never a guarantee.  Ray Farmer may want to hedge his bets by bringing in another body to the competition.  Pryor has plenty of promise from a physical standpoint and can do many of the things Robert Griffin III did for offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Washington.

Dallas Cowboys

It’s never a promising sign when every quarterback on the roster is over the age of 30.  That is the reality facing the Dallas Cowboys.  Their starter turns 34 and is coming off back surgery while their two backups, Kyle Orton and Brandon Weeden have little long-term potential as starters.  The Oakland Raiders should see that adding a 24-year old talent like Pryor helps solve that problem.  Add in the fact that Dallas has a wealth of seventh round picks on hand and it seems like a good match.

Arizona Cardinals

Experts fully believe that Bruce Arians is on the lookout for a young quarterback to backup and eventually replace Carson Palmer for the Arizona Cardinals.  The draft would seem like the most obvious place for them to look but a quick examination reveals that Terrelle Pryor actually fits with the Arians type of quarterback.  He’s big, athletic, shrugs off tacklers and displays a big arm.  The key difference of course is the ability as a pocket passer.  If Arians believes he can work that out, then Pryor makes a ton of sense for Arizona.

Carolina Panthers

If any offense is going to intrigue Pryor it is the Carolina Panthers.  Their Pro Bowl star Cam Newton has almost the exact same body type and skill set in which the read-option has become a staple.  Pryor made that offense famous at OhioState and the Oakland Raiders would do smart to recognize that Carolina might need depth at quarterback with Newton undergoing ankle surgery.

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  • R Tucka

    Can’t see any team trading for him, not when there is a chance he could be cut

    • Erik Lambert

      It only takes one team to like him.

  • David

    I would be surprised with a trade. Hoping they can get at least a 6 or 7 out of him.

    • Erik Lambert

      It would almost definitely be a 7th.

  • MichaelJ

    Maybe this is stupid but why not keep him? He costs virtually nothing and he definitely has potential, he doesn’t fit the system that Dennis Allen runs, but I will be surprised if Dennis Allen is back next year. They aren’t going to get any value for him in a trade and he’s a better backup than McGloin – especially since you can use him for trick plays.

    • Erik Lambert

      I won’t argue that point but all signs point to him wanting out and the Raiders being willing to grant the request.

      • MichaelJ

        I think he wants out because he doesn’t think he’ll have a shot to start, but I don’t think there is really anywhere he would be able to start this year, maybe he’ll be amenable to staying after he realizes that. I agree that he won’t be on the roster at the start of the year, but he’s had a great attitude even when the Raiders coaching staff and front office have not treated him well, so it’s sad that he won’t be on the roster. He’s continued to fight and improve even when he hasn’t fit the system

        • Erik Lambert

          Looking at the landscape you are right there are very few places he would probably have a chance to start right away. I’d say of the entire league Cleveland is his best hope. Heck, if he’s cut you could throw Cincinnati in there given his higher physical ceiling than Andy Dalton.

          • MichaelJ

            I agree that if he gets released before the draft he probably would go to Cleveland. But if he he doesn’t get released until after, I imagine they’ll have drafted Bridgewater, Jonny Football, or Bortles and be wanting to see what their QB of the future looks like. I also think the Cincinnati link would be interesting because of Hue Jackson – but I still don’t think there’s anyway he beats out Dalton. Arizona would also be interesting if they don’t go QB in the draft. I also don’t think he’d beat out Palmer. I think no matter what he won’t start. Jacksonville would also be interesting, although Id imagine they’ll go QB high as well. In conclusion it makes the most sense to keep him, at least until after the draft, forcing Watkins, Clowney, Mack, or some combo to fall because teams go after QBs. Either way, they either have more ammo to trade down or a better player to draft.

    • Chris Schroeder

      Don’t be surprised if Dennis Allen is back. He did a great job with what he had to work with these past two years. The Raiders were in almost all of their games last year and only lost due to lack of depth. Now that we have got depth and good proven veteran players I can’t wait to see what this young talented head coach will do. Remember, the new Raiders regime have started to changed the culture in Oakland. Dennis Allen and his coaching staff bring continuity to the organization that hasn’t had that for over a decade and will only get better as they build on that.

      Also, I have to disagree with Terrel Pryor being a better backup that McGloin for the obvious reason that you stated “he doesn’t fit their system”. They are designed for a pocket passing quarterback who sticks to the playbook but yet can call audibles at the line of scrimmage when necessary. When they tried to turn Pryor into that he proved that he is indecisive in his decision-making and lacks the ability to throw accurately and timely. He ranked 44 out of 45 In passing QB’s last year. There were backups of backups the had better numbers. Maybe he will flourish somewhere else but the absolute best thing for him and the Raiders is to part ways.

      I just hope they can get at least a seventh round pick for him. but if the rest of the league saw what I saw last year, it isn’t a player I would take unless he was willing to change positions to a wide receiver or tightend because I don’t think he’ll have any success as a quarterback

      • MichaelJ

        McGloin is not as talented and is not a capable backup. I think they would’ve beaten the Chiefs if not for McGloins 6 turnovers( or however many). I could see a situation where if Schaub got hurt bumping McGloin up to start to keep Pryor as the trick play QB. In regards to Allen, I don’t see how if he misses the playoffs he is back. I get the salary cap hell that they were in and I get everything else with the draft hell, et al. But I think Mark Davis is getting impatient and you cannot tell me that anybody is thrilled with back to back 4 win seasons – especially someone as impatient as a Davis. Also I think just about every Raiders fan and probably even Dennis Allen was shocked that he wasn’t fired last year – even with what you’re saying about being in almost every game. Honestly I’d be shocked if Dennis Allen makes it through the middle of the season, but that’s besides the point. But keeping Pryor, if you’re right and Dennis Allen is back, is no risk because his contract is up. Either way they don’t get a draft pick – the second that it became clear he’d be released no team is going to trade a pick for him (look at Desean Jackson, who has been extremely productive). I mean it’s just my opinion, but I don’t see a reason why to let him go

      • holy roller

        right, “When they tried to turn Pryor into that he proved that he is indecisive in his decision-making and lacks the ability to throw accurately and timely. “……when will they learn, you fit the system to the player with a talent like TP. They always forget to note that this dude was on pace for a thousand yards rushing………in 7 games he had 500 plus. MJ is right, keep him.

        • James Schroeder

          I would like for them to keep him, but he has too high of expectations to continue playing for the Raiders. He asked to be traded. It’s not like the Raiders said they wanted to get rid of him. He is a great weapon to use just not so much as a passing quarterback. Remember this is a passing league that we are in especially in this division. Rushing sets up passing and passing sets up rushing. If you can’t be an effective passer then you will have no running game. I hope he does get better, I hope he does stay in Oakland and competes but the bottom line is. He sees Matt Schaub come in, and he wants to cowered out instead of compete for the job. The NFL is all about competition and nobody’s job is secure. He shouldn’t have asked to be traded but what’s done is done. The Raiders needed to make a splash in free agency and they landed a quarterback who was in the top 10 just two years ago. They did what they had to do but he needs to prove himself with any team. Hope he switches positions, he would make a great tightend for us.

          • holy roller

            I still don’t think seven games is a good enough snapshot, he made some nice accurate throws along with some misses and bad decisions . With that line (all the injuries) and not running (dmc) in there what was he supposed to do? Win a few? He did. As far as asking to be traded? I’m thinkin he feels pretty strongly that given an even playing field he can do a top ten job and DA/RM did it last year too…Matts our starter(Flynn) and then TP beats him out. I think the kid deserved better now and then.
            Like squabs chances though going forward. Not really Gannon like save for age because Gannon was a career backup.

          • James Schroeder

            Im glad TP had so many TP2 fans out there. I was never one of them, but man it was exciting at times watching him take off running. Set a record with that last year. It was awesome. Now… we go up against the NFC west next year, as well as teams in our own division. We our playing against playoff teams 8 times, 9 if you count the cardinals who just missed the playoffs. In a make it or break it year we get that schedule. Makes me sick when I think about it. 1st year of the true rebuild faze and they throw us to the wolves. We are debating about Terrel Pryor over McGloin as a backup when most likely neither one of these guys will see any playing time outside of the preseason. And if they do they’re going up against some of the best defenses in the NFL. This isn’t like last year where we had 6 consecutive nobody teams and just managed to get a couple wins against. I can say I love our chances with what McKenzie is putting together but I say that every year so what do I know, what do any of us know. I just want to see us make a big dent in a very large ship, so once again we can have faith in bringing that sucker down.

    • holy roller

      You got it buddy, however with the “Big Al baby” syndrome DA and RM were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. That’s why.

  • Miguel Posada

    LOL pls dont compare him to cam.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Carolina, and Chicago, Never thought about Arizona but that might be good as well. I would think Bengals would have been great since Hue Jackson is there.

  • Joe Hall

    I’d love the RAVENS to pick him for a 7th in 2015 …. He could be a real difference maker in a WILDCAT format….