Nov 24, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan (95) reacts after sacking Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) during the second quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Jacksonville Jaguars Go Get Dion Jordan?

A new GM is in town and with that a new philosophy.  That means nobody on the roster is safe, even a first round pick from a year ago.  Dion Jordan is on the block for the Miami Dolphins.  Could the Jacksonville Jaguars pounce?

Jordan and Mike Wallace among players available from Miami Dolphins

Subtlety is clearly not the strong suit of new Miami general manager Dennis Hickey.  As free agency approaches it’s become quite clear that he has no interest in maintaining the “status quo.”  Already news has leaked that the Dolphins are gauging interest from other teams about a possible trade for 2013 first round pick Dion Jordan.  In a way it’s not a huge surprise.  Hickey wasn’t the one who drafted Jordan and after a season in which he had just two sacks and failed to crack the starting lineup, keeping him part of the overall plan doesn’t make sense.  The thing is Jordan isn’t alone.  Apparently a number of Jeff Ireland’s big pickups are up for grabs too including wide receiver Mike Wallace.  That one might be harder to swing given the contract Wallace signed though  if their price is fair enough one of the teams rich in cap space could come calling.

Gus Bradley needs a pass rusher and favored Jordan last year

The question is though what will the Miami Dolphins demand for Jordan?  Getting back a first round pick is out of the question and even a second rounder is a tough sell.  However, there may be one team that is worth talking to about it.  That is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  For those who don’t remember, head coach Gus Bradley was enamored with Jordan a year ago, seeing the potential he had as a pass rusher, specifically for the infamous LEO linebacker position in his defense.  The Jaguars are in dire need of a pass rusher, so much so that experts wonder if they will pass on taking a quarterback in the first round to fill that need.  Jordan could solve that problem.  The Jags can unload their second round pick for an athletic freak of a player who is still only 23-years old and save their first rounder for that quarterback they have to have.

Bradley is a respected coach who excels at developing young players.  If he got his hands on Dion Jordan, the sky could be the limit.

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  • Matthew Marcella

    It’s only Dion Jordan truste we wouldn’t spend that much money on Wallace for one year

  • Matthew Marcella

    If Miami can try for a first or second round pick could be extremely helpful

    • Erik Lambert

      I believe that would be the plan.

  • Bugs Mahoney

    Eagles! Could give Brandon Graham who showed potential in limited snaps. Don’t wanna part with Vinny Curry who has insane upside and a lifelong eagles fan turned player, dunno why we haven’t tried using him at OLB, though he’s a natural pass rusher and an awesome one at that. Instant hurry and sack machine.

  • Johnny

    Jordan had “only 2 sacks”… Yes, because he only played 200+ snaps… Give this kid a whole offseason and training camp and watch…. He can be utilized many ways… Not like the Phins did by placing your 1st round pick on special teams??? WTF… Given the chance, this kid can be great!!!! Jason Taylor??? I don’t know… But with his athleticism, sky’s the limit…
    Either keep him or get a 1st round pick, nothing less…. But in the end??? This is all BS, just bogus news when there’s nothing else to write about…

    • Erik Lambert

      Blame those who dropped the rumor, Johnny. I merely offered a possible home for him if it’s true.

      • Johnny

        Not blaming you… This happens every year… Rumors that is… Then writers write about it .. As for Jax?? Well, I think any team would be interested in Jordan… For the right price.. I would think teams that play a 3-4 defense would be more interested then the 4-3 defensed teams..