Dec 17, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) and Jets coach Rex Ryan react during the game against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Where Could the New York Jets Trade Mark Sanchez?

Geno Smith appears to have a firm grip on the starting job, which makes Mark Sanchez expendable.  Could the New York Jets deal him, and if so where?

Cleveland Browns

Firing a head coach after one season pretty much says the Cleveland Browns are interested in winning now.  That is an understandable if illogical feeling to have considering it typically takes time to reverse the trend of a team that has become used to losing.  However, if the Browns are serious about winning faster they might be better served going after a veteran quarterback than a rookie as most expect.  Sanchez, despite what his detractors will say has plenty of experience and has won his share of games, playoff games at that.  With a proper offensive line and the series of weapons Cleveland has in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, it would certainly be a nice place to land for Sanchez.

Houston Texans

The same can be said of the Houston Texans.  Obviously holding the first pick overall and the first pick in every round afford them a chance to take practically any quarterback of their choosing.  On the other hand, like the Browns they have a keen interest in winning sooner than later.  After all the Texans were Super Bowl favorites early in 2013 since they had made the playoffs the previous two years.  Their roster is ready to make a run if they can just get the quarterback situation solved.  Sanchez could be had relatively cheap compared to a first round rookie who would take time to develop.

Oakland Raiders

Most fans of the Silver and Black will immediately reference the Matt Flynn trade for why their Oakland Raiders should avoid Mark Sanchez.  It’s a fair argument but also one that must be put into context.  Flynn had no starting experience when the Raiders traded for him.  He’d been beaten out rather easily by Russell Wilson for the head job and aside from a few good games for the Packers was what he was, a solid backup.  Sanchez was a starter for three years, went to two AFC championships and proved capable when adequately protected.  The question at hand is whether he would be an upgrade over Terrelle Pryor or Matt McGloin.

Tennessee Titans

Ken Whisenhunt hinted at the possibility of competition when he took over the Tennessee Titans and that means Jake Locker is by no means safe as the starter.  The team could go after a rookie in the 2014 draft or add another veteran alongside Ryan Fitzpatrick to really push the youngster.  The New York Jets would be smart to offer up Sanchez, at a fair price of course.  Tennessee boasts a strong offensive line and some quality receivers to work with.  If given the opportunity Sanchez could beat out the talented but woefully inconsistent Locker for the job.

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  • Paul Newbold

    Oh Boy! As a Jet fan, I’d love to see them get some value from Sanchez! Anything is better then just cutting him to save cap space! I’m curious Erik, any idea what a healthy Sanchez might bring at this point?

    • Erik Lambert

      Well, he’s 27, went to two AFC title games with a number of playoff victories. So it’s clear in the right situation he can win. Obviously he struggled the past couple seasons so that will diminish the value. I would say depending on the feelings towards the 2014 class, I would say Sanchez could fetch anywhere between a 5th and 7th rounder.

      • pat brady

        Ok, so lets suppose a team is willing to part with a late round pick. THey’d STILL Have to pay him on that crazy contract. EVERY team knows that Sanchez is getting cut. THere’s NO WAY in the world that the Jets are going to give him that 2 mill roster bonus on March 1st or whenever it’s due. If you’re the Raiders and you have any interest in Sanchez why not just wait? No one near the top of the draft is going to pass on taking one of the top QB’s for a shot at Sanchez, no way in the world.

  • Steve Langal

    Who in their right mind would trade for him. Everyone knows he will be released. Erik are you working for the Jets?

    • Erik Lambert

      Not at all. I’m looking at facts. Sanchez is a veteran but still young quarterback, should be fully healthy and proved he can win early in his career. Under the right coaching staff he has what it takes to produce. I also took careful note of the news I’ve heard about other GMs believing he is starter-worthy if he leaves New York.

      • pat brady

        It makes absolutely NO SENSE at all. He’s a veteran who turns the ball over WAY too much and has never shown the ability to read a defense. Are there teams interested in giving him a shot? Yes, a few. Are there any teams interested in giving up a pick for the right to pay him over 8 mill per year? No, not one would be my guess.

  • Sterling Archer

    for the first time I think we actually agree on a Raiders issue LOl.
    I do think that you are right in your assessment of the QB situation that we have and RM has already stated that he wants to bring in a Vet QB to challenge the current QBs which I think means they are planning on dropping TP and drafting someone in the 2-4th Round and getting a vet to learn under. Sanchez cannot be worth more than a 4 or 5th rounder and with the fact that they are going to loose him in FA anyway I see the JETS dropping him for a 5th just to gain something. With this right in RM’s playbook (Trying out QB’s with Late rounders) worst case scenario Raiders waste a 5th on a QB (wasted a 4th and 5th last year-Tyler Wilson and Matt Flynn) best case scenario Oakland is able to build a Line with that 65-70mil in free cap space and Sanchez plays like he did his first couple of seasons.
    As for the Browns they want a QB in the draft and they will get one. Also I like the fact that I seem to have won you over saying that firing their Head Coach was a move to win now, which you initially said I was crazy for…
    Houston- Either going to get a QB overall #1 or snatch one of the Others in RND 2
    Tennessee already has one question mark at QB that I think they Ride all the way to Jamis(sp?) Winston……

  • Mark Shafer

    I hope the Raiders are finished with USC quarterbacks for a while.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    Trading for Sanchez would require the acquiring team to assume his contract. There is no way the jets are paying him therefore he will be cut. There is no team, no, not even the raiders or the browns, that would trade an asset for his contract, especially given that he will be cut and available to whoever can cut a deal with him, which will be for far less than his current contract. Another pointless fansided article. You sure Veronica didn’t write this?

    • pat brady

      Yep, pretty ridiculous. So a team like the Browns is going to pass on a guy like Carr or Bridgewater, give up a pick for the rights to Mark Sanchez? Lets remember that Sanchez is coming off of a serious shoulder injury, never had a strong arm to begin with, has a terrible contract and had 52 ints in his last two years playing. This is all based on a stupid article the NY POst ran a few weeks ago citing an anonymous source that said plenty of teams would be interested in Sanchez. THe writer of that story took that notion and said maybe the Jets can trade Sanchez.

      • matr dontelli iii

        While I can understand someone wanting him as a backup or to compete as a starter, I can’t fathom a team picking up his contract AND giving up an asset for the price ledge of doing so. Nor can I imagine a team going all in on him as their starter. Just a poor idea.

        • pat brady

          I do get the part about some teams being somewhat interested in Sanchez. When you’re drafted that high you get a few chances but no one looks at his contract and says “there’s a bargain.” His contract makes him absolutely impossible to trade. Everyone knows the Jets aren’t paying him that roster bonus so EVEN if you were a team interested in Sanchez why on earth would you give up a draft pick? You’d not only lose your draft pick but you’d also have to pay him FAR more than he’d get on the open market. The Raiders and the Browns are two franchises that are horribly run but not they’d never do something that stupid. It’s just one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard in a long long time.

  • pat brady

    Wow, maybe the dumbest article I’ve ever seen. So Houston is going to TRADE for a QB with 52 ints in his last two years coming off of a serious shoulder injury who just happens to have a contract that pays him over 8 mill per year rather than draft a QB with the first pick?

    NO ONE is trading for Mark Sanchez. Why would they when everyone knows he’s going to be cut before March 1st? Some teams will be interested in signing him after he gets CUT but no one is giving up picks for the rights to over pay him that’s for sure.

  • Rusty Sanchez

    if your read low collision crossers youd see mike pettine hates sanchez and brian schottenheimer so the browns are definately not trading for sanchez