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Top NFL Coordinators In Danger of Losing Their Jobs

The head coaches have been well documented in terms of which ones are on the chopping block by the end of the 2013 NFL season.  One must not forget though that coordinators can just as easily get axed as well.  Here are the top names in danger.

Mel Tucker – Defensive Coordinator – Chicago Bears

Yes, the Chicago Bears defense has suffered its share of injuries.  However, the excuses start to run out for a defensive coordinator when his unit surrenders 54 points in a game.  Head coach Marc Trestman has expressed utmost confidence in Mel Tucker but the fact remains he oversees a defense that got railroaded for close to 300 yards rushing in Philadelphia and currently ranks 29th overall.  Tucker did walk into a tough situation but the good defensive coordinator always find a way to adjust eventually.  Making the playoffs would certainly ease the pressure, but if the Bears lose at home to Green Bay, it almost certainly will be because of his defense.

Jim Haslett – Defensive Coordinator – Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins defense hasn’t fooled anybody all season.  They can’t tackle for their lives, are shoddy in coverage and often undisciplined in their approach.  Given how they let Tony Romo march right down the field on them in week 16 late in the fourth quarter was a perfect illustration of their ineptitude.  Haslett has never fielded a top ten defense during his tenure in Washington and regularly places in the 20s in terms of points allowed.  It’s hard for any team to win games when that is happening.  The Redskins are going to make some changes.  Haslett certainly has no reason to not be among them.

Mike Sherman – Offensive Coordinator – Miami Dolphins

Nobody in the Miami Dolphins hierarchy is safe at the moment but it seems the fans are growing particularly tired of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.  While the Incognito controversy and offensive line losses have certainly hurt, many feel the veteran coach has lost his edge.  They feel he doesn’t properly utilize the talent of his players, citing speedy receiver Mike Wallace as a perfect example.  He also doesn’t seem to make offensive adjustments and worse yet often gets away from something that might be working.  On top of that his offense has turned the ball over a lot in 2013 and also been forced to punt after just three plays often as well.  If head coach Joe Philbin is to survive, he may have to cut ties with his good friend and mentor in Sherman.

Monte Kiffin – Defensive Coordinator – Dallas Cowboys

The 73-year old has been a great NFL coordinator for a long time but he may have stepped a bridge too far when he accepted the job to take over the Dallas Cowboys defense.  Originally a 3-4 team, he made the switch to a 4-3.  However, things began to go wrong first when the front office didn’t make a concerted enough effort to add some young talent in the draft who fit the scheme.  Then the injuries began to hit.  As a result the Cowboys defense is on pace to set franchise records for ineptitude.  Some believe Kiffin has no idea how to fix the problems and that his defense is outdated and can’t adapt to the personnel he has.  Much like Tucker in Chicago, his job may be riding on week 17 and whether the Cowboys can win the division from Philadelphia.

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