Dec 8, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) runs onto the field prior to the game against the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Lions 34-20. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 16 Bold Predictions: Vick-tim Of Circumstance

The Washington Redskins will blowout the Dallas Cowboys

It’s a game that may not mean much on paper to the Washington Redskins, but there is nothing a rival loves more than spoiling a season for their hated opponent.  They will have a chance to do that at home against a Dallas Cowboys team fresh off their most heartbreaking defeat of the Tony Romo era.  Their defense is missing almost all their best players, can’t stop anybody and their dynamic offense can’t compensate for that as well as their own mistakes.  Not only will Washington and a determined Kirk Cousins win the game, but the blow the reeling Cowboys out by at least 20 points.

Michael Vick will play against the Chicago Bears

With that prediction comes this one.  Should Dallas win, then the Sunday Night showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears could become less interesting.  Head coach Chip Kelly will have the option of resting his key players and protect them from injuries since Philadelphia would have a much more important game the next week against those same Cowboys for the NFC East title.  A win over the Bears would mean nothing to their playoff standing.  Would Kelly willingly put Nick Foles or LeSean McCoy at risk in a meaningless game?  Smart money says he won’t since he’ll need all hands on deck against the Cowboys.  That means fans could see the long lost Michael Vick return to action.

Eli Manning gets sacked eight times in Detroit

The New York Giants offensive line has been exposed in 2013 and Eli Manning has often had to pay the price with constant harassment from pass rushers.  The Seattle Seahawks intercepted him five times while the Carolina Panthers put on the ground seven times.  Now the veteran quarterback must go into Ford Field against a desperate Detroit Lions team that boasts one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.  With the crowd noise and no running game added to his problems, Manning is in for a long day.  Expect the Lions to top the Panthers’ mark with eight sacks.

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets combine for ten turnovers

Ugly teams often produce ugly games.  The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets have a lot in common.  Most notably is they both field effective defenses and highly inconsistent offenses.  A real problem for both sides of late has been turnovers.  Geno Smith keeps finding ways to give the ball away while Jason Campbell is having frequent miscommunications with his receivers that often leads to picks.  In a game that is largely about pride, both defenses will take charge of the contest.  By the time the final whistle sounds, the two teams will have a combined ten turnovers between them0

Troy Polamalu doubles his interception total courtesy of Matt Flynn

Aaron Rodgers is out yet again.  Clearly the Green Bay Packers trust that backup Matt Flynn can handle his business like he has the past two weeks.  What’s lost in that confidence is the fact Flynn faces two of the worst pass defenses in the league during those two victories.  He won’t have that same good fortune with the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers.  They boast the 8th ranked pass defense in the league, headlined by veteran safety Troy Polamalu who’s quietly having another possible Pro Bowl season.  The one stat he hasn’t been able to crack much is interceptions.  He only has two on the year.  Not only will he add to it courtesy of Flynn, he will double it.


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