Dec 15, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) gets ready to hand the ball off during the second half against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Seattle Seahawks defeat the New York Giants 23-0. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

NFL Playoffs 2013 Update: Baltimore Pushes Miami Aside, Detroit Falling

With the Baltimore Ravens’ win in Detroit on Monday Night Football, the Lions are now pushed out of the playoffs while Baltimore shoved aside Miami for the number six seed in the AFC. Last night’s game had huge playoff implications for both teams with two games left to play, but here’s how the playoffs standings look as of Tuesday morning:


1. Denver Broncos (11-3)

2. New England Patriots (10-4)

3. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5)

4. Indianapolis Colts (9-5)

5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)

6. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)

In the hunt: Miami Dolphins (8-6), San Diego Chargers (7-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-8)


1. Seattle Seahawks: (12-2)

2. New Orleans Saints: (10-4)

3. Philadelphia Eagles: (8-6)

4. Chicago Bears: (8-6)

5. San Francisco 49ers: (10-4)

6. Carolina Panthers: (10-4)

In the hunt: Arizona Cardinals (9-5), Green Bay Packers (7-6-1), Detroit Lions (7-7), Dallas Cowboys (7-7)


The playoff races are really heating up. I’m loving these matchups as of right now, especially in the NFC. The 49ers going on the road to Chicago in the Wildcard round would be an awesome game, but really any of these games would be great to see. In fact, one game that you’ll see this weekend is Kansas City against Indianapolis, so we might get a sneak preview of the first round matchup there depending on how things shake out.

As far as seeding goes, not much changed at the top of the AFC or NFC this week with Denver, New England, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis all staying put, while in the NFC, we saw Chicago jump over Detroit for that NFC North lead and the #4 spot.

Get your popcorn ready!

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  • Matthew Mason

    You do understand that Miami and Balt both are in the playoffs if they win out right? Baltimore didn’t push anyone aside, in fact, Cinci is the team that is in the most trouble. Mia just needs to win the rest of their games and they are in.

    • anon76returns

      Current seeding gives Cincy the AFC North spot, since they have a better record than Balt. This seems to be a snapshot of the playoff race if the season ended today, so it doesn’t really matter what may or may not happen in week 17 in Cincinnati. By that measure, yes, Miami was in 6th place after Sunday’s games, and was pushed aside after the Ravens won last night.