Sep 15, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reacts to a Giants fumble against the Denver Broncos during the second quarter of a game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants Have Reached Their End with Tom Coughlin

Don’t bother referencing the two Super Bowl championship as an argument.  The fingers will simply go in the ears and loud humming will start.  If there is any truth to the NFL it’s results are not about the past but the present.  The New York Giants are proving they’re a bad football team, and it’s because of Tom Coughlin.

NFL record of past seasons prove Coughlin teams are declining

To get the argument out of the way, yes, it is taken into account that Tom Coughlin has won two championships for the New York Giants franchise, but it’s also important to take certain facts into account.  The most important is record.  The year Coughlin got his contract extended in 2008, the Giants went 12-4.  Since that time they have gone 10-6, 8-8, 9-7, and 9-7.  In that span they made the playoffs once in 2011 and happened to ride the momentum to a title.  That doesn’t discount the gradual decline in both the quality of the personnel and the effectiveness of the coaching.  Back-to-back seasons with 9-7 records has been followed by the ugliest start of the Coughlin era in which his team is 0-3 and coming off a 38-0 drubbing from the Carolina Panthers.  New York not only looked bad, it looked uninspired.  None of the young players have stepped up.  Injuries have taken their toll.  This isn’t like the Giants teams of the early Coughlin era, dysfunctional at times but able to take it to another level when needed.

Eli Manning and Jason Pierre-Paul getting little help from others

The real glaring problem is the lagging ability to replace roster losses.  Since 2011, Eli Manning has lost a bevy of solid players including Mario Manningham, Ahmad Bradshaw and Martellus Bennett.  On the other side Jason Pierre-Paul has watched a once powerful defense slip into mediocrity with problems from the defensive line to the linebackers and secondary.  Not every issue can be blamed on injuries either.  The way they’ve played speaks to either a lack of talent or a lack of motivation.  Both those issues tie directly to Coughlin.  He has a hand in the players selected and he is in charge of getting them ready to play.  To put it in perspective he’s had a two-time Super Bowl MVP as his quarterback for nine seasons and has won more than ten games just twice.

Tom Coughlin deserves tons of credit for his past success, perhaps enough to warrant a Hall of Fame induction.  However, his recent trend suggests the New York Giants players have begun to grow tired of his coaching style and him.  It can happen after nine seasons.  If the skid continues, perhaps the time is right to put him out to pasture like Philadelphia did with Andy Reid.

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  • royhobbs7

    Believe it or not (as a 50+ years Giants’ fan and a Coughlin supported) I agree. The team philosophy is obsolete and the stubborn rigidity to continue to pursue a game plan which is predictable and just doesn’t work is foolish. Moreover, look at the Giants in their last 6 games. They are 1-5 and only looked good in Wk. 17 last year against a Phila. Eagle team that already packed it in. The Giants looked terrible in both Wks. 15 & 16. So they have prevailed in one out of the last six games.
    I believe that says it all. They will play better Sunday, but not good enough. The results circa 4:15 this Sunday will clarify things.

    • Erik Lambert

      It’s the same problem Andy Reid ran into. The players have finally tuned out the coach. It’s not that the coach is bad, it’s that his style doesn’t work on them anymore. Coughlin is not a players coach. He is a disciplinarian. That works fine for awhile, but sooner or later there’s a breaking point. I think we’re seeing that now in New York.

  • jwoody12382

    Show a lot more respect to Tom. Calling a Super Bowl year a declining year is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard! Nobody has to ask Tom to leave next year. Does anyone really think that he’s going to stick around anyway! Tom will be remembered in NY and throughout the NFL at least as much as Bill Parcells. Thank you Tom for all that you have given us, and for all the Giants memories. Shame on the author of this article…Erik!

    • Erik Lambert

      Again, not saying Coughlin is a bad coach. Saying his team has begun to tune him out. The Giants were 9-7 when he won the Super Bowl two years ago. As Parcells put it, you are what your record says you are. They were a mediocre team that slipped into the playoffs and got hot at the right time. Coughlin has had great success there but back-to-back seasons without the playoffs may prove to be his undoing.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    It would be nice if you could provide some concrete evidence that the players are tired of Coughlin’s coaching rather than only referring to their win-loss records as proof. I don’t recall reading about or hearing any of the players complaining. Have you?

    • Erik Lambert

      Well is it the two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback? The talented receiving corps? The defensive line featuring Jason Pierre-Paul, Cullen Jenkins and Justin Tuck? What about a secondary comprised of players who were part of those championship teams like Aaron Ross and Antrel Rolle? This team is too talented to be 0-5. They just aren’t playing well, and when that happens blame goes to the head coach. As I recall, Victor Cruz voiced his frustration recently. It was a small outburst, but as football fans know could be a sign of something bigger.