Aug 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) walks off the field after beating the Baltimore Ravens 34-27 at M

Why the Carolina Panthers Won’t Make the 2013 NFL Playoffs

It’s almost certain this article will get railroaded by fans and a few experts as well who disagree, but after a number of predicted winners for the 2013 NFL playoffs, it’s high time to pinpoint a possible loser.  That is the Carolina Panthers.

Cam Newton forced to start over without Rob Chudzinski

This is absolutely no disrespect to Mike Shula.  The man deserves all the respect in the world for working in such a cutthroat league and having considerable success doing it for so long.  However, he can’t change facts.  Whether people want to admit it or not, the Carolina Panthers are entering the 2013 season in a new offense.  Any time an offensive coordinator changes, things change with him.  Oh, certainly most of the key parts of a scheme stay in place, but a host of other things such as philosophy down to playcalling alter.  As proven so many times before, even the slightest alterations can have that “butterfly” effect across an entire unit.  Cam Newton played the last two years under Rob Chudzinski, one of the hottest play callers in pro football. Newton was a huge beneficiary, collecting Rookie of the Year, a Pro Bowl and numerous records after just two seasons.  Shula on the other hand hasn’t been an offensive coordinator since 1999.  Besides the obvious worries of rust, one must wonder why he didn’t claim that job again sooner.  On top of that, he’s under the shadow of a defensive head coach.

Ron Rivera battling aging Steve Smith and rough schedule

One can understand why Ron Rivera drafted the way he did in April.  As a former linebacker and highly respected defensive coordinator, it makes sense for him to want to run the Carolina Panthers through the defense.  He has a growing cast of talent at his disposal too what with defensive ends Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy and linebacker Luke Kuechley.  Expectations are high for them.  The problem is his blind rush to improve their interior defense with top two picks Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short may have robbed them of a chance to give Newton another weapon.  It’s getting to the point where reliance on star receiver Steve Smith is no longer possible.  He’s 34-years old and has built his career on speed.  Outside of him Carolina has Brandon LaFell, a disappointment to say the least thus far, and the often injured David Gettis.  They do still have Greg Olsen at tight end and a pair of solid running backs but the explosiveness that marked Newton’s rookie year is fading.

Toss in a rigorous division and schedule ahead of them and things just look that much more difficult.  The Atlanta Falcons went 13-3 and reached the NFC championship. New Orleans still has Drew Brees and just got Sean Payton back. Tampa Bay has a brand new defense featuring a Pro Bowl-laden secondary.  To top it off their collective opponents in 2013 boast a .543 winning percentage from the year before.  Roughly translated that means six of their games will be against teams that went to the playoffs the year before.  The rest are against teams that just missed them.

Chalk it all up, the Carolina Panthers are in big trouble.

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  • ahrcshaw

    You asked for it, so here it is. Chud is not the master some think he is, he was good to Cam because he used Cam to his whimiscal read option based on Cam’s ability to run. What Chud did was put everthing on Cam and forgot the other 10 players in effect. Yes that gave Cam big stats and numerious aclamations but it did not show Cam how to win in the NFL.

    Secondly It is not Rivera’s authority or responsibility to select players, he can recommend, but his is not the final decision. That job belongs to the GM, Mr Gettlemen so all Rivera can do is use the talent he has to the best of his and their ability. That said:

    Shula has an oportunity of a life time with this Panther offense, all he needs to do is get past the injuries and beef up his internal O line, that is providing Mr G will get him any more help. It might be that what he needs in already on the roster as Mr G says. Cam is going to have to get motivated because I think the Jury is still out with him being the Francise QB. If cam does get motivated, and I think he will, this Panther team will be better then the SB 03 team was.
    I think Shula the assistant coachs and Rivera will come up with a good group and that coupled with the Defence will be awsome. Go Panthers.

    • Erik Lambert

      I’m glad you were willing to argue your point. Kudos for that. They certainly have the talent and the motivation. They just need the health and a few lucky bounces.

      • ahrcshaw

        You are right and so far their have not been any major injuries to any starter, now all the need is the luck and motivation.