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Dec 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Washington Redskins punter Sav Rocca (6) punts during the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Redskins defeated the Eagles 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins Hidden Roster Gems For 2013 NFL Season

The division champs can’t afford to get comfortable.  What looked like a changing of the guard last season for the Washington Redskins now looks like a looming dogfight to stay on top what with Robert Griffin III battling back from his knee injury.  Free agency and the NFL draft brought in limited big name help.  Did that stop them from adding some real talent?

Offense – Jordan Reed

Penalties from the NFL made it difficult for the Washington Redskins to get anything of major significance done in improving their roster.  However, that didn’t stop them from using what they had wisely.  An excellent example is tight end Jordan Reed.  With Fred Davis still in doubt because of his injury last season, the need for some insurance was obvious.  A lot of people overlooked Reed in the draft but his potential is clear.  Scouts saw him as an excellent move tight end that could create mismatches in the passing game because of his smooth route running and ability to catch and run.  He also can play different positions much like his former teammate Aaron Hernandez did for the Patriots.  Provided Reed doesn’t (allegedly) murder anybody he could have a big impact in the capital for Robert Griffin III.

Defense – Phillip Thomas

Another draft pick that got overlooked.  Safety was a big pain for Washington last season and they were fortunate to find Phillip Thomas still on the board in the 4th round.  He isn’t a complete player but scouts love his ability to play center field, going up and batting passes and grabbing interceptions.  He had eight last season for Fresno State, a remarkable feat considering his junior year was cut short by a gruesome leg injury.  That kind of grit and determination is something the Redskins will want patrolling the back end of their secondary.  If he can improve his tackling ability and refine some technique issues it won’t take long for him to make noise on defense.

Special Teams – Sav Rocca

Rich Eisen of the NFL Network has a saying every year that he loves to repeat.  Punters are people too.  That is the truth, and as cliché as it sounds, every team curses the though of a punter right up until they need one.  While nobody can predict how the regular season will begin for the Washington Redskins, it is clear they may need the services of Sav Rocca a little more than usual.  He had a solid season in 2012, averaging 43 yards per punt, placing 22 inside the 20-yard line and making so opponents could only manage eight yards per return.  With RGIII still a question mark, there is likelihood the punt team might see the field more often than expected.  That means Rocca must make sure he is ready.  The fewer chances he gives the other team to have good field position, the better off the Redskins will be when Griffin does eventually return.

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  • Jim H

    Attributing comment about Hernandez to Reed uncalled for. What are you saying that Reed is like Hernandez off the field? Piss poor! Unfair to Reed, NFL and Redskins.

    • EZG1

      Agree, Seems Even Apprentice Journalist make poor decisions!

      • Erik Lambert

        Hey, the scouts made the comparisons to Hernandez. I simply inserted the joke.

        • Jim H

          Hey, the scouts comparisons were about ability to play tight end and how Reed would be used, not off field personality or attitude. I am sure only sick person would find your inserted joke funny or amusing. Bet you wouldn’t have the guts to tell this to Reed in person.

          • Erik Lambert

            As a matter of fact, they did reference his attitude in a number of scouting reports. That was part of the reason he fell into the 3rd round. Hernandez had the same red flag on him in 2010, which is why he fell into the 4th. They both come from Florida. I’m getting the sense you think I’m insulting Reed, which is not the case. I made the comparison from a physical standpoint and then simply hinted that as long as he doesn’t do anything remarkably stupid like Hernandez did, he will be fine.

        • EZG1

          Attempting to defend your poor decision / judgment, only tends to make your situation more pathetic! Move On Son!

          • Erik Lambert

            Free country, EZ. I saw similarities and pointed it out because no matter how much people may want to sweep it under the rug, Aaron Hernandez is set to go on trial for homicide. He is a former Florida tight end who fell in the draft because of concerns about his attitude. That is the comparison I was making with Reed. He too is a former Florida tight end with concerns about his attitude. I did not insult Reed like you keep suggesting I did. Like I said below, all he has to do is not make dumb decisions or hang with the wrong people and he’ll have success. I think that’s a very fair “judgment.”