November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Mario Manningham (82) stiff arms New Orleans Saints free safety Malcolm Jenkins (27) following a catch during the first quarter of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints Options For 2013 NFL Trade Deadline


Sean Payton is back, and with him so is the gun slinging mentality the New Orleans Saints boasted so well since becoming contenders.  Their top goal, besides winning of course, is improving their future prospects after losing valuable draft picks because of the bounty scandal.  Can an NFL trade or two help?

Lance Moore

Nobody best represents the buy low/sell high idea of trade value for the New Orleans Saints better than wide receiver Lance Moore.  At age 29 he comes off his best season as a professional, notching 65 catches for 1,041 yards and six touchdowns.  With him set to turn the dreaded 3-0 just before the season starts in September, his value won’t ever go higher than it is at present.  So from the Saints perspective, as a team that regularly seems to churn out good receivers, trading him makes some sense since they’ve fallen behind in terms of draft picks over the past few seasons. Moore is a favorite target of Drew Brees, but isn’t the most important.  That makes him expendable in the right situation.

Pierre Thomas

It’s no fun being stuck in a crowded backfield.  Players who deserve to play simply can’t because they might not come across as the most talented.  Pierre Thomas certainly fits that category.  Despite helping the team win a Super Bowl and earning a reputation as a hard runner who doesn’t quit on a player, Thomas has been relegated to third string on the running back depth chart.  While he still gets carries, the bulk of the workload belongs to Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles.  Having already dealt Chris Ivory for draft help, it isn’t a stretch to think they might use the 28-year old Thomas for the same goal in 2014 as they look to reload a depleted roster.

Malcolm Jenkins

It’s hard to believe how players can rise and fall so quickly in the NFL.  Malcolm Jenkins was a promising 1st round pick in 2009, helped the New Orleans Saints defense become a force during their Super Bowl run and became a second team All-Pro the next year when he moved to free safety.  Sadly the two seasons since then have only gotten worse for him, culminating in a disaster last year.  Jenkins made 65 tackles but only managed one interception.  Free safeties are expected to have more than that, which prompted his team to give him competition by drafting Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro.  Fans already have him penciled in as the day one starter, which means the lifeline Jenkins has in the Big Easy grows thin.  Perhaps he should head things off by requesting a trade to a team he might make a better fit.

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  • 911willie

    This is the tough part of the NFL business and something we always have to consider. It is really tough for a die hard who dat, to think of trading a Lance Moore or PT, but ….

    Lance Moore is a very good possession receiver and although not as tall as what Drew Brees likes (or needs), he always seems to be in the right place at the right time when we need a completion. Trading him would leave the Saints with a really young WR corps (except for Colston) but with some really strong prospects in Stills and Toon. I think Morgan is due for a breakout year and rank him as a positive replacement for Henderson. So just maybe Lance could go. Still, what could you get for him? I think a 3rd round would be a stretch.

    PT is less likely to be traded, if only because SP loves to shift his RBs in and out and Sproles does not really count in the trade equation of PT because they are like apples and oranges. Obviously the elephant in the room is Mark Ingram. If SP really likes what he sees in camp this year and Ingram has the year he has the potential to have, maybe PT’s role will be so diminished that he is expendable. Also if Cadet justifies the faith the team has in him (to me I shudder every time he touches the ball) maybe that would solidify the crew without PT. But again, what could you get for PT, maybe a 4th Round?

    I really think there is no way Malcolm Jenkins goes anywhere. You can never have too many good secondary guys in the NFL today, and although he had an off year last year, who on the defense didn’t? He is solid and can play Safety or Corner and I would not be surprised to see him used a lot in different looks in the D as Ryan brings along Vaccaro at free safety. Note too that I think the Secondary will be a pleasant surprise in 2013.

    One last point. By my count there are 13 LBs on the roster (plus Will Smith), Sure there are some Camp Bodies in that number and shifting to the 3-4 requires more LBs, but I would think if you want to pull a trade, there is some trade value (albeit minimal) in Hawthorne and/or Chamberlain.

    All in all I would not be surprised if the Saints don’t do a trade for a 2014 draft choice. Maybe they will do a player for player deal, but then again, with my crystal ball and a dollar you can get a cup of coffee…

    • Erik Lambert

      The reason I list Jenkins is because of the off year, yes, but also because Rex Ryan isn’t the one who drafted him and might have a different idea about who he wants playing safety.

      Moore is definitely worth a 3rd rounder, the key is simply waiting until the right opportunity comes up, and it will.

      Pierre Thomas may seem old for a running back but he doesn’t have near the wear and tear because of his limited carries, he runs very hard and is a threat out of the backfield. Certain teams could give up a mid round pick for that.

  • Al Martin

    I Have noticed from observing the Saints’ touchdown celebrations that none of them have any rhythm. :) Wats up w/ that!?