Nov 11, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) during warm ups prior to the game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings Should Pursue Jets QB Tim Tebow This Offseason

For a potential playoff team, it’s a little early to be talking about a future quarterback replacement. For the Minnesota Vikings, however, I think there is an obvious upgrade at the position that could be available this offseason at a relatively low price.

After two seasons in the league, Christian Ponder has shown flashes of how good he is capable of being, but he’s been far too inconsistent to lock down a starting job with the Vikings long term. I think almost unquestionably, he will be the starting quarterback going into next year, but I also believe that Jets QB Tim Tebow would be a great fit in Minnesota.

Don’t kill me just yet, Vikings fans. Hear me out. Take a look at what ESPN’s Adam Schefter had to say in a recent e-mail inquiry regarding Ponder and his future with the team:

“He’s got four games to prove that they don’t need to look for another quarterback to challenge him … If Ponder struggles down the stretch, this team is going to be left in a situation where it has to look for a challenger to Ponder for next season. The problem this offseason is that there won’t be a lot of quarterbacks to choose from. We’ve already trotted out a couple teams that could be looking for one [Jags] — and that doesn’t include the Chiefs, Jets, Cardinals and others — and there just aren’t that many starting-caliber quarterbacks in the draft or in free agency. So even if the Vikings have doubts about Ponder, they might be forced to stick with him.”

Or maybe they won’t be.

The Jets obviously have no plans of using Tim Tebow. The acquisition they made this offseason was clearly a ploy to get all of the national attention turned to them so Rex Ryan could guarantee another Super Bowl appearance or whatever he was up to. Maybe that, or maybe they were just trying to ignite a fire in their own failed first round quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been to two AFC Title games, but nobody who isn’t kidding themselves knows that he was certainly not the catalyst for those Title game runs.

Enter Tebow, who is one of the more intriguing playmakers in the league. If you’ve ever read my opinions of  Tebow in the past, you know how highly I think of him. I believe he was worth a first round pick, and I believe he still has first round talent as well as the ability to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Is he a conventional quarterback? No. Does he have a great throwing motion? No. Does he sometimes look like he has no idea what’s going on out on the field? Sure. But think about what he brings to the table. There are very few players in the NFL who bring to the table the kind of playmaking ability that Tim Tebow does.

Tebow is only effective with the ball in his hands on every play. You can see what a creative offense can do for his skillset, as was evidenced during the six game winning streak in Denver where Tebow was allowed to run a no-huddle, fast-paced offense run with an option look. You can see the kind of success that Robert Griffin III is having with the Washington Redskins running out of a pistol formation. Obviously, Tebow is not as fast as Griffin or even a Colin Kaepernick, but he can be just as effective in that kind of an offense if you run it with two of the best playmakers in the NFL.

This is where it gets fun.

Put Tim Tebow in the pistol/option offense with Adrian Peterson and his former Florida Teammate Percy Harvin. Then go to the draft and add another couple of playmakers at the receiver position and you have the makings of something special. I’ve seen how Tebow is capable of tossing the ball around the field, and while his accuracy and anticipation needs to improve, he is one of the best at improvising in the NFL. He knows how to make something out of nothing, and he is absolutely great in the short passing game.

I’m not saying Tebow would be an MVP if he goes to Minnesota, I’m merely saying it’s an option worth looking into. Minnesota is a low profile organization with some very good pieces in place, namely an improved defense and a couple of MVP candidates at the offensive skill positions. Adding Tebow to the mix, a guy who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes but creates plenty of opportunities for those around him, and you could have a winning combination.

There will be plenty of speculation as to where Tebow will land this offseason if the Jets decide to unload him, and I think Minnesota is as good a destination as any.

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  • VikeNation

    Sayre Bedinger sure does know how to troll. What a joke.!!! Not saying webb is the answer for the Vikes but he is way better than Tebow.

    • SayreBedinger

      Thanks for your comment

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  • Jake

    As a Vikings fan I would love to see Tebow come to Minny and team up
    with Harvin just like his days at Florida. The Tebow/Harvin combo was
    one of the most dominant offenses in the history of college football.
    Throw in AP and you just might have something seriously special. They just have to allow Tebow to play Tebow’s game and not try to force him into a system that doesn’t suit him.

    • SayreBedinger

      Exactly. You have to let Tebow be himself, warts and all. Let him make plays! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Mike

    finally an article that talks about Tebow in a positive light. Yes, he may well be a lousy practice player, but get him in a war, 4th quarter, down by 2 points with the ball, and enjoy his skills and energy. Hopefully he can exit the NY Jets, a sorry and pitifully run organization who are so concerned about upsetting the emotions of their starting QB

    • SayreBedinger

      Thanks for your comment. I know first-hand that Tebow is not a great practice QB, but like you said, with the game on the line, there are few guys in the NFL whom I’d rather give the ball. Hopefully some team gives him a shot.

  • nitty1964

    Sayre Bedinger have you lost your ever loving mind. If the Vikings should choose to look for yet another QB if sure isn’t Tim Tebow. If you think Tim Tebow can out pass even the sorriest Christian Ponder you need to have your head examinded. What the Vikings needs is a QB who is a THREAT to stretch the field thus eliminating the constant 8-9 man fronts they often encounter. TheVikings presently do not have a WR who is a threat to get behind opposing secondaries on a consistent basis and need I remind you our current QB is also not a THREAT to deliver the longball to a wide open WR, especially since Percy Harvin has been shelved for the season. The biggest loser in all of this is Adrian Peterson there no way he can continue to run wild with defenses now knowing they can’t be beat by the forward pass. The run will be stuffed all it takes is one offensive penalty like a false start or a holding call to put the Vikings in a bad down and distance situation negating the run, we simply cannot pass the ball effectively now which has turned the offense one dimentional. Not the way to be as you are pushing for a possible playoff spot or to even finish .500. Simply stated Tim Tebow is not the answer in Minnesota not now not ever. Anybody thinking Tim Tebow is the answer is surely not a student of the game.

    • Jake

      Maybe you didn’t notice the way AP put up 210 yards on GB without Harvin on the field and with Ponder throwing for only 36 yards through 3 quarters. Maybe you didn’t notice that AP has put up over 100 yards in each of the last 6 games even with Ponder sucking and Harvin being out the last three. I believe it is you who is not a student of the game. If you put Tebow on the field with Harvin and AP you’ll have something pretty great.

      • nitty1964

        I am astudent of the game but I also realize our offense is now one dimentional especially since PH has been placed on IR. We need to vastly improved our passing game and since we have made no major positive moves to do so means one thing more losing. Yes AD has had a great run but I’d bet my life he would sacrifice all that for WINNING. Something we and not so good at. We should have won last weeks game but BIll Musgrave in his infinite wisdom decided to pass the ball in the red zone after AD displayed he could not be stopped. Thus resulting in an untimely turnover which probably cost us the game. If you took the time to absorb what I tried to say; the total lack of a viable passing game is killig our chances of winning. You should notice that Christian Ponder tried to pass the ball to Kyle Rudoph and not a wide out. In fact I think a wide out had only one reception last week. Let’s look at contrast the Atlanta Falcons can contine to throw the ball to Tony Gonzales especially in the red zone because they have threats on the outside at the WR position, thus forcing secondaries not to double team TG in the red zone. In fact last Monday nite TG beat a linebacker for an easy score, how was that possible? Because they have two threats on the outside which occupies the defense. AD may get all the yardage in the world but that’s not a formula for success especially in todays pass happy league.

        • Jake

          None of what you’re saying has anything to do with bringing in Tebow. You’re talking about needing a receiving threat and we’re talking about bringing in Tebow to replace Ponder. You’re discussing an entirely different need. It’s a valid need but not the same discussion. The point remains, if you team Tebow with Harvin and AP you’d have a heck of an offense.

          • nitty1964

            I stay on point then NO TIM TEBOW

          • Jake

            You don’t like Ponder, most of us don’t anymore. Then who plays QB? Webb? If you’re going to play Webb you might as well bring in Tebow because they aren’t all that different. I trust Tebow more than Webb, I think he’s a better player especially after last year in Denver. Who would you play at QB? Who is left to play the spot? Maybe they can get Alex Smith after the season but is he going to be any better than Tebow? I say pair Tebow up with Harvin and let them run the O they ran at Florida and watch the wins roll in. You can’t just say “no” to every possible solution without proposing one of your own, who would you play?

    • SayreBedinger

      Sorry you feel that way, and sorry we disagree. But, that’s the beauty of sports! There will never be a consensus. I haven’t lost my mind, but I appreciate you voicing your opinion.