Rookie of The Year Race

Going into last April’s draft, knowing that Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III would more than likely be the first two picks in the NFL Draft. These two Quarterbacks both had phenominal college careers and everyone expected them to bring that to the NFL, but no one could of expected these two rookies to play like veterans. Griffin III has a Quarterback rating of 104.4, 2660 yards, 17 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions, also posting a rookie Quarterback record 714 rushing yards along with 6 rushing touchdowns. With the win verse the New York Giants, Griffin has put the Washington Redskins into playoff contention. Luck is having a great year as well, stepping into Indianapolis taking over a 2-14 team, and replacing one of the all time great Quarterbacks in Peyton Manning,  Luck coming out of college was considered the most NFL ready Quarterback since John Elway, Luck has led the Colts to an 8-4 record and the 5th spot in the NFL Playoffs, Lucks numbers however aren’t as eye popping as Griffins but still has posted some good numbers, Luck posting a Quarterback rating of 76.1 but has the fourth most Passing yards in the league with 3,596,  also has 17 touchdowns, but does have 16 interceptions.

With what these two talented rookies are doing this year, just shows us all that these two will be compared for the rest of their NFL careers, and who knows we could see them play against each other in the Super Bowl in the upcoming years.

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