2012 NFL Mock Draft Baltimore Ravens 7 Round Mock Draft

NIc Perry Could Really Emerge During the Pre-draft proces

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the finest drafting teams in the N.F.L. This year they will have to do without their fourth round pick which they traded to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for speedy Wide Receiver Lee Evans. Evans, unfortunately has been injured much of he season so the trade has not yet paid many dividens.

I think the Baltimore have a lot more needs than most do, becauses they are an aging team and they need an infusion of young talent all over the field. They could use some upgrades along the offensive line, they could use a future replacement for Ed Reed (and even someone better to play next to Ed Reed), they could use another wide receiver because Anquan Boldin has a history of being nicked up. They could use another pass rusher opposite Suggs. They don’t have many major needs though, which is why they are winning a lot of football games.

Right now you have to assume that the Ravens will be drafting around 26th. I am not a Baltimore Ravens expert so feel free to disagree vehmently with me and let me know what I got wrong.

Round 1:  Nick Perry, OLB, USC

Perry is a very good athlete who is a bit of a project as a 34 OLB, but he has the ideal athletic ability that teams are looking for the 34 OLB spot. Perry has really emerged as a pass rusher this year and I think can eventually even end up a little higher than this spot here. The Ravens get to the quarterback, but it seems like no one else makes a big sack other than Terrell Suggs. Imagine if he could find a Robin to his Batman then this defense could be real scary.

Round 2: Jared Crick, DL, Nebraska

Jared Crick’s value seems to be falling because of his injury. The Baltimore Ravens  are known as a team that will grab value when it presents itself which is what they do here by grabbing Crick who could have been a late first round pick had he stayed healthy.

Round 3: Juron Criner, WR, Arizona

Criner is another guy who’s value seems to be falling, much like Tandon Doss did last year for the Ravens. Criner has excellent size and has been productive for Arizona. He has clear second round ability, but there are some questions about his mental toughness. His menal toughness is not something I have any insight   or knowledge of  whatsoever, but that seems to be what is bringing his value down. Criner would be a great fit with the Ravens though and with Smith, Doss, and Criner the WR position future looks bright.

Round 5: George Iloka, S, Boise State

Iloka isn’t the ballhawk that Ed Reed is, but he’s a really nice player. Iloka can cover a bit, play the run, lay some big hits. He can come in an immediately help out on special teams and could develop into a starter with the Ravens.

Round 6: David Snow, C, Texas Longhorns

Snow adds some talent and depth to the interior of the Ravens offensive line.

Round 7:  Bobby Rainey, RB, Western Kentucky

Rainey is a smaller back (like Ray Rice) who has been very productive at Kentucky. Right now the Ravens number two running back is Ricky Williams who doesn’t have a lot of mileage left. I think the Ravens could even consider a running back earlier than this, I don’t believe they drafted anyone last year. Rainey can also catch the football out of the backfield.


Tell me what you think Ravens fans. The Ravens admittedly aren’t my strongest suit, so let me know what you would like to see happen with the Ravens.

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