Updated Team Needs: AFC South

One of the most important factors when preparing for the NFL Draft is knowing each and every NFL team.  NFL Mocks keeps a very close eye on each team and will bring you an updated needs assessment at the end of each month.  These needs will help as we prepare to make predictions for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Continue to check out our team needs page to find the most recent assessments.  Also after looking at the team needs move on over to the Big Board and see what prospects might fit your teams need.  This was written by NFL Mocks Writer Jeremy Heneghan.

Jacksonville Jaguars

“Shack” Harris left this team with an old, deteriorating roster when he was fired after the 2008 season. Gene Smith, who started out as a scout with the team when they first entered the league, took over and started the rebuilding process by drafting two offensive tackles who they’re hoping will be there for years, completely reconstructing the defensive line, and drafting some potential weapons for the offense. In 2011, they are in desperate need for a quarterback. The team hasn’t drafted one since 2003 (Byron Leftwich)! They also desperately need defensive backs and interior linemen. Obviously, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Ryan Mallett, and Andrew Luck should be on their radar, but Smith strictly follows his draft board and best available player philosophy.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are currently ranked 18th in points allowed, 24th in yards allowed, 20th against the pass and 28th against the run. Obviously, a better interior defensive line should be one priority. They allowed Arian Foster to go crazy on opening weekend in a loss to the Texans. Another factor in that Texans’ lost was Peyton Manning’s protection. They need a franchise left tackle, especially since Manning is starting to get older (although he hasn’t lost any skills). I personally thought Polian jumped the gun in blaming the Super Bowl loss on the offensive line, but that assessment needs to be applied to the 2010 offensive line. There hasn’t been an elite left tackle prospect that’s shown himself yet, but the Colts won’t be picking in the top half of the first round anyway.

Houston Texans

The one glaring need of the Texans so far in 2010 is their defensive secondary. They are ranked dead last in the league in pass defense. Glover Quin shouldn’t be the starter across from Kareem Jackson. It’s possible they could go to another corner in the first round in 2011. Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara will probably gone when the Texans will be drafting, but Ras-I Dowling might be there for them.

Tennessee Titans

I’m not sure what the Titans and Jeff Fisher think of Vince Young, but if they want to be able to make any noise in the playoffs, (if they make it in) then they’ll need a legit quarterback.  They currently rank 30th in passing offense. Kenny Britt isn’t performing up to his billing so far in his second season after being picked in the first round last year. If a lot of the great junior wide receivers come out in 2011, then the Titans need to take a look. AJ Green, Jon Baldwin, Michael Floyd, and Julio Jones are all projected first rounders if they decide to declare early. Linebacker could be another position that could be upgraded. I had no idea Jamie Winborn was still playing. He’s currently starting on their depth chart.

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