Top 10 No. 15 overall picks in NFL Draft history

The middle of the first round has produced some big stars
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4. Billy Howton, Green Bay Packers (1952)

Piling up 1,000-yard seasons and leading the league in touchdown receptions twice is impressive, but doing it in the 1950s, when the passing game was a fraction as complex and effective as it is today, is even more special. Howton's accolades shouldn't be overlooked ust because of his era.

The Rice stud led the NFL with 1,231 receiving yards in 1952 and 1,188 yards in 1957. Keep in mind these were during 12-game seasons with rudimentary downfield passing games. Howton retired with four Pro Bowls, three All-Pro teams, 8,459 yards, and 61 touchdowns to his name. When he retired, Howton had more catches and yards than any player in NFL history.

Derrick Johnson was a solid No. 15 pick in the NFL Draft

3. Derrick Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs (2005)

The Chiefs have a history of drafting great linebackers, as names like Willie Lanier, Bobby Bell, and Derrick Thomas still resonate to this day. Johnson is a more modern entry to this list, but he was at the heart of some very good Chiefs defenses that were never in the spotlight due to archaic offenses.

Johnson may not have made a Pro Bowl until his seventh season, but he finished his career with four to go along with a pair of All-Pro designations. With more than 1,100 tackles, 14 interceptions, and 27 sacks to his name in the NFL, Chiefs fans can look back fondly on the era when Johnson gave their run defense some serious teeth for a decade.