Top 10 No. 15 overall picks in NFL Draft history

The middle of the first round has produced some big stars
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8. Isaac Curtis, Cincinnati Bengals (1973)

When you're so fast the league has to create the "Isaac Curtis Rule" to institute the five-yard bump zone off the line of scrimmage just to prevent you from getting open, you deserve a spot on this list. The San Diego State track star was Ken Anderson's top target in Cincinnati, changing the game along the way.

Curtis finished his career with over 7,000 yards receiving, 17.1 yards per catch, and 51 touchdowns as the Bengals top receiver up until that point. His first four years in the league showed just how deadly his speed was, as Curtis was named a Pro Bowler in each season while being named second-team All-Pro three times in a row.

Anthony Miller was a quality No. 15 pick in the NFL Draft

7. Anthony Miller, San Diego Chargers (1988)

Miller had the misfortune of spending his prime years on some up-and-down Chargers teams before they went to the Super Bowl and average Broncos squads prior to John Elway and Terrell Davis breaking though for two rings. His production during that time, however, was extremely impressive.

Between 1989 and 1995, the Tennessee product recorded five Pro Bowl appearances in seven years, five 1,000-yard seasons despite poor QB play in San Diego, and 53 touchdowns. While his career was short, amassing over 9,100 career receiving yards in 10 years makes for quite impressive statistics.