Top 10 No. 10 overall picks in NFL Draft history

Great value can be found at No. 10 overall
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4. Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens (2003)

While Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are considered the architects of those legendary Ravens defense, it was Suggs who supplied the pass rush for 15 seasons. After comically impressive college numbers at Arizona State, Suggs finished his pro career with seven Pro Bowls and the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Suggs has two championship rings to slip on his finger and 139 sacks, which officially ranks 12th all-time in NFL history. With 12 sacks as a rookie in 2003 and 11 at age 35 in 2017, Suggs proved to be one of the most consistently excellent defensive players in the league over the last few decades.

Terrell Suggs was a dominant player picked No. 10 overall in the NFL Draft.

3. Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders (1982)

Allen lived up to the hype as the next great USC running back. Despite Al Davis essentially benching him for four of his prime seasons, Allen managed to reel off a 16-year career that helped him plaster his name all over the Raiders and NFL record books while winning a championship.

The owner of one of the most iconic plays in NFL history in his 75-yard Super Bowl touchdown run, Allen compiled 17,564 yards from scrimmage (12,243 rushing) and 144 touchdowns (123 rushing). Allen, the NFL MVP in 1985, piled up six Pro Bowls and three All-Pro teams with the Raiders in his prime and the Chiefs later in his career.