Top 10 No. 1 overall picks in NFL Draft history

These top prospects lived up to the hype, and then some.

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4. Chuck Bednarik, Philadelphia Eagles (1949)

The man they called "Concrete Charlie" was one of the last two-way players in the league, starting at center on offense and linebacker on defense. Bendarik, a local player who starred at Penn, has a resume of accolades that are just silly the more one looks at them, even when adjusting for his era.

Bednarik was a Pro Bowler eight times and made nine All-Pro teams (six First-Team selections) in 11 years while leading the Eagles to championships in his debut in '49 and final season in 1960. Bendarik is one of just a few players to be named to the NFL's 50th, 75th, and 100th Anniversary All-Time teams.

John Elway was worth picking No. 1 overall

3. John Elway, Baltimore Colts (1983)

The Stanford star would've rather played baseball than play for the Colts, leading to a monumental trade with the Denver Broncos that sent Chris Hinton to Indianapolis. Elway proceeded to become the greatest player in franchise history, taking the franchise to five Super Bowls and winning his final two before retiring.

Elway made nine Pro Bowls in his 16-year career, winning MVP in 1987 and finishing with 51,475 yards and 300 touchdowns during an era where passing numbers weren't always that gaudy. Perhaps one of the most naturally talented athletes ever, Elway is still referred to by many to as the best quarterback prospect in history.