Steelers 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Selecting a quarterback upgrade, plus a steal in round 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers aim to improve for the 2024 NFL season through the upcoming draft. Let's explore the talented rookies they can select.

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Steelers round out 2024 NFL Draft by bolstering offense and defense

No. 120: Malik Mustapha, Safety, Wake Forest

Bryce Ganious, Malik Mustapha, Dan Villari
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Malik Mustapha is an incredibly athletic player who can quickly adapt to any coverage style and dominate the game. His quickness and speed are elite, and he can precisely track the ball downfield. He is known for being very aggressive when a receiver tries to block him, and he tackles like a man possessed. Mustapha made 175 total tackles, three interceptions, and four forced fumbles during his three years at Wake Forest.

No. 196: Fabien Lovett, DL, Florida State

At 6'5 and 335 pounds, Fabien Lovett possesses the physical attributes to become a formidable defensive lineman and significantly impact the team's defensive front. However, he needs to improve his consistency in stopping the run and rushing the quarterback. On the positive side, Lovett is aware of locating the ball and can deconstruct offensive linemen to reach the ball carrier.

No. 237: Kobe Pace, RB, Virginia

It's important to note that Jaylen Warren will be a restricted free agent at the end of 2024, and the Steelers have a crucial decision to make regarding the team option on Najee Harris. Therefore, neither of these players may be on the roster for 2025. Kobe Pace would be the best option for the Steelers' run game in such a case. He's a throwback running back with power and has the breakaway speed to take one to the end zone.