NFL Top Rookies of Week 8: There is a new rookie QB in the AFC South; Will Levis stands tall in Tennessee debut!

Sam La Porta is back as the Sam La Porta Award winner and a look at the other top rookie performances of Week 8.
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
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. Antonio Johnson. Rd8. 160. player. 1st Win. Top Rookie Defender. Antonio Johnson. . 52

On the defensive side, safety Antonio Johnson of the Jacksonville Jaguars significantly impacted his first NFL game. As a 5th-round pick, Johnson got his first in-game action and intercepted a pass, making him the NFL mocks rookie Defender of the Week. 

Johnson's interception showcases his ability to read the game and react quickly. His anticipation and quick reflexes enabled him to intercept the pass and prevent a potential scoring opportunity for the Steelers. It was a Garbage-time pick but locked down the win.


Given his first NFL game performance, Johnson has shown he can be a key player on the defensive end. His ability to anticipate and react to the opposing team's offensive strategy will be crucial for the Jaguars' defense. Johnson was one of the late-round picks accumulated by the Jagusrs repeatedly moving back in the draft. He was considered the biggest steal in round 5 by