NFL Top Rookies of Week 8: There is a new rookie QB in the AFC South; Will Levis stands tall in Tennessee debut!

Sam La Porta is back as the Sam La Porta Award winner and a look at the other top rookie performances of Week 8.
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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In the thrilling realm of the NFL, each week brings forth new challenges, triumphs, and standout performances that shape the course of the season. Our focus, as always, is the rookies who are paving their way to become the next big thing in the NFL.

This week, we turn the spotlight to the noteworthy performances of theTop rookies in Week 8, diving deep into their statistics, analyzing their impact, and predicting their future trajectory. Let's get started.

. Will Levis. . Will Levis. Rqb8. 1st Win. 33. player. Top Rookie QB. 35

In the pantheon of NFL rookie quarterbacks, Will Levis of the Titans is making a name for himself. With a stellar performance of 19 successful passes out of 25 attempts, a completion percentage of 65 percent, and an impressive 238 yards with four touchdowns, Levis demonstrates his potential to become a key player for the Titans.

Levis's accuracy, showcased by his 65 percent completion rate and ability to secure four touchdowns, indicates a promising start. Unsurprisingly, the Titans' offense was firing on all cylinders with Levis at the helm. His performance demonstrates his potential and marks him as NFL Mocks's top rookie QB of the Week in week 10.

Given his performance, we can expect Levis to continue his upward trajectory. His ability to read the game and his accuracy and composure make him a promising prospect for the Titans. The fourth QB taken was the first of the 2023 rookie QBs to throw four TDs in a game. It would not be surprising to see Levis playing a pivotal role in the Titans' offensive strategy and taking over as the starting QB; it's the start of the Will Levis's era in Tennessee.