NFL Top Rookies of Week 6: Hello Michael Mayer; Bryce Young shines and Zay Flowers shows his flash

Who were the top NFL rookies of Week 6? Hyping the top rookie performances including a tight end not named Sam LaPorta.
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. Top Rookie Defender. Devon Witherspoon. Rd6. Devon Witherspoon. player. 36. 5. . Second Win of 2023

Devon Witherspoon, the Seattle Seahawks' first-round pick, made his presence felt in Week 6 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Witherspoon displayed confidence and instincts reminiscent of his college days at Illinois. He showed versatility in coverage, excelling in carrying routes downfield and making impactful plays in the flat. Witherspoon's ability to trust his instincts and make quick decisions contributed to his success in limiting opposing quarterbacks' completion percentage and yardage. Witherspoon has broken up an impressive 17.2 percent of passes when serving as the primary defender in coverage.

Devon Witherspoon is back for the second week in a row and put up a versatile performance that showcased his skills in all phases of the defense. His contributions were instrumental in the Seahawks' defensive efforts against their opponents. He won his second RotW by completely shutting down Jamar Chase. Chase had a colossal week five and came into the match-up with a Seahawks hot; Withspoon cooled him off. 

Witherspoon played all 50 snaps, making five tackles and setting the edge on several plays. He added pressure and broke up two passes, limiting the completions he allowed to just 14 yards.

Witherspoon's performance is not just about the numbers but also his adaptability and impact on the game. His ability to contribute in all situations, from pass defense to run defense and even pass rush, makes him a valuable asset for the Seahawks' defense.


As the NFL season progresses, these rookies will continue to develop their skills and contribute to their teams' success. They have shown promising signs of growth and potential, and we can expect to see even more impressive performances in the coming weeks.