NFL rumors: These 3 Super Bowl contenders have Bill Belichick in their back pocket if all else fails in 2024

Bill Belichick will not coach in 2024, but which NFL powerhouses could target the legendary coach in 2025?
New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Buffalo Bills: AFC East shockwave if Bill Belichick ends up in Buffalo

Imagine how juicy this storyline would be if Bill Belichick ended up on the sideline of the Buffalo Bills.

Like the Eagles and Cowboys, the Bills are another team that didn’t make the run they wanted to make and time could be running out for the team, even with Josh Allen at quarterback.  The 2024 NFL season will be a make-or-break season for Sean McDermott and if the Bills decide to move on, an interesting name will be Belichick.  Bill Simmons floated this possibility out there during his podcast.

“Belichick going to Buffalo, though. I kinda like it. I don’t know if he’d stay in the but it does have the Jets, who he owns, he gets to go against [Robert] Kraft every year, which there is a little bit of residue and bad blood, gets Miami, gets an awesome QB, gets a team that can win between 10-13 ...''

As a Boston sports fan, that possibility had to pain Simmons, but imagine the storylines if Belichick is coaching the Bills and get to face the Patriots twice a year.  Imagine the hype and storyline and absolute fandom between Bills Mafia and Patriots Nation if the legendary coach ends up on the sidelines of an AFC East rival. 

Anything is possible in the NFL. 

Despite not landing a head coaching job in 2024, these three powerhouses could provide an opportunity for Belichick get the last laugh in 2025.  In other words, don’t count him out until he retires.