NFL Mock's Top 25: 2024 NFL Draft prospect rankings plus position rankings & analysis

In this March draft big board we look what prospects are being overrated and underrated in 2024 NFL Draft.
J.J. McCarthy
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2024 NFL Draft quarterback rankings

Spencer Rattler
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Underrated: Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

No quarterback in this draft is being underrated, however a possible day-three pick who could turn into something is South Carolina’s Spencer Rattler. Rattler has one of the stronger arms in the draft and when he sets his feet in the pocket he shows good accuercey. To develop into a starting-caliber quarterback though he will need to improve his decision-making and pocket presence.

Overrated: J.J. McCarthy, Michigan

The most overrated player in the 2024 NFL Draft is J.J. McCarthy who I have a second-round grade, despite being widely projected to be a top-ten pick. My biggest concern with him is that he gets out of rhyme as a passer which hurts his accuracy. He has also struggled with pressure during his time at Michigan and played in a very quarterback friendly system.

"They have explosive playmakers, but chunk plays? J.J. McCarthy ain’t that guy. I don’t know what Harbaugh is talking about. He’s out of his mind. If you’re freakin’ Kyle Shanahan you might like him, but in college football, I don’t know if he’s gonna get the job done An assistant coach on J.J. McCarthy via The Athletic"

A coach on McCarthy via The Athletic

Non-Power Five player to watch: Michael Pratt, Tulane

The only Group of Five prospect I have a draft-able grade on is Tulane’s Michael Pratt. Pratt was the 2023 American Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year and is a sound decision maker who has tossed 49 touchdown passes and just ten interceptions. He is also not afraid to throw the ball downfield with more than 22 percent of his passes this year going for at least 20 yards.

NFL team who needs this position: Chicago Bears

There are a lot of quarterback needy teams in the 2024 NFL Draft, but the team that will take the first quarterback in the draft is the Chicago Bears. The Bears will most likely take Caleb Williams with the number one pick and look for him to be the opening-day starter.

Overall Rankings (NFL Draft grade I give the player)

1. Caleb Williams, USC (first round)

2. Jayden Daniels, LSU (first round)

3. Drake Maye, North Carolina (first round)

4. J.J. McCarthy, Michigan (second round)

5. Bo Nix, Oregon (second round)

6. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina (third round)

7. Michael Penix Jr., Washington (fourth round)

8. Michael Pratt, Tulane (fifth round)