NFL Mock Draft: Sean Payton, Denver Broncos begin rebuild with No. 1 overall pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos and Sean Payton take advantage of their Walmart money and rebuild from scratch.
Virginia Tech v Florida State
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In a trade with the New York Jets, the Denver Broncos acquired this third-round pick, which they use to select Jordan Morgan, OT Arizona. It's time to beef up the line for Williams; Morgan will be a low-key anchor for years in Denver.

Jordan Morgan was a consensus three-star recruit as a shot put thrower in track and field. His physical and aggressive style of play stands out, as he uses his hips to make contact with defenders and washes them out of run-blocking sequences.

In his game against Cameron Thomas, he showed his ability to keep rushers in check with his length and punch placement. His athleticism is also noticeable, especially when pulling on screens and running plays. His hands are exceptionally proficient, as he can combat and reset during combative sequences while latching and controlling his opponents. He also has decent feet for an offensive lineman of his size, allowing him to mirror rushers and absorb power while anchoring with his lower body.