NFL Mock Draft: Sean Payton, Denver Broncos begin rebuild with No. 1 overall pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos and Sean Payton take advantage of their Walmart money and rebuild from scratch.
Virginia Tech v Florida State
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. Johnny Wilson. . . Johnny Wilson. player. WR/TE. 80. 435. Johnny Wilson

With the selection acquired in the Sean Payton-pick swap in the third round, the Denver Broncos select Johnny Wilson, WR/TE, Florida State. Payton loves multi-faceted offensive tools with explosive talent. Wilson is Taylor made for a Payton offense.

Johnny Wilson, a wide receiver from Florida State, is a massive asset to the passing game. His size gives him a power-forward style frame and a great catch radius, allowing the quarterback some wiggle room regarding man coverage. Wilson has excellent ball skills and is looking to refine the rest of his game, which should make him one of the most dominant college receivers this year. His height does make it difficult to sink and have flexibility when running routes, and he may need to expand his route tree.

He lacks elite speed when attempting to separate and can be slow to decelerate, but His broad hands can create instability when trying to catch, and he can be late to put his hands in the right spot. He attempts body catches, which can cause passes to slip through his frame, and sometimes plays too lopsided into physical coverage. His blocking tenacity is admirable, yet it can lead to a lack of control. These reasons are why he will be a third-round draft steal.