Texans: C.J. Stroud's Pro Bowl performance evidence of a young QB rising amongst the NFL elite

The rookie starting quarterback for the Houston Texans makes an impressive showing at the Pro Bowl 2024.
2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have made an overwhelming turn-around in the 2023 season by winning the AFC South with a respectable 10-7 record, a vast improvement from last year's 3-13 record.

Much of the Texans success stems from the addition of rookie quarterback Stroud, who's among the top ten quarterbacks with the most passing yards of the 2023 season.

CJ Stroud's continues to shine in Pro Bowl performance

Because of how much he accomplished this season, CJ Stroud was named 2023 NFL Rookie of the Year. And although the Texans 2023 NFL season ended during a postseason division loss at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, Stroud continued to shine in the recent pro-bowl games.

In the flag football game between the AFC and NFC teams, in which NFC came out on top 64-59, Stroud threw 173 passing yards with 18 completions out of 22 passes.

Stroud especially shined in the Precision Passing competition, where each quarterback had to hit as many targets before a minute passes.

Along with Baker Mayfield, Gardner Minshew, Geno Smith, Jalen Hurts, and Tua Tagovailoa, Stroud had an impressive performance in the opening round with a score of 26. With that score, he moved on to the final round with Baker Mayfield, who tallied a score of 24. It's worth noting that in the Precision Passing competition, Stroud was the only rookie quarterback out of the six participants. His performance in the competition highlights why he's among the most hyped rookies in today's NFL.

Furthermore, in the final round of the Precision Passing competition, Stroud came just short of winning the entire competition, with Baker Mayfield winning 9-8. But despite this, Stroud's performance at the Pro Bowl deserves the proper recognition as it showcases his potential headed into the next season.

The Texans are a team that people should pay close attention to next season, considering the hype surrounding Stroud.

If Stroud had a stand-out season as a rookie, one could only imagine how good he may get as his career progresses in the next couple of years.