Michigan vs Washington: A deep dive into the hidden NFL Draft gems of the College Football Championship (CFC)

The CFC will be a huge opportunity for these 10 players to elevate their draft stock and become first round picks.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The offensive line overachievers: Troy Fautanu and Zack Zinter

Troy Fautanu, the guard giant: Troy Fautanu, the offensive guard from Washington, has shown remarkable skill and consistency this season. Although Fautanu mostly played left tackle for the Huskies, he also started a couple games at guard,where he's projected to line up in the NFL. At 6'4", Fautanu's got the size and length to excel inside in the NFL. He's at times overaggressive and his stance could use a bit of a clean up but he's got the tools to develop to be a Week 1 starter and a potential Pro Bowl nod down the road. His draft stock is projected between the 35-48 range.

Zack Zinter, the line leader: Zack Zinter, the offensive lineman from Michigan, has displayed leadership and adaptability. Although Zinter won't be able to participate in the Championship game due to his tibia injury from Week 13, his absence shouldn't stop teams from considering him for the draft. His recovery timeline is estimated at three months, giving him time to heal and get back to full strength.

Zinter was initially a third-star recruit in high school, but he saw an increase in his playing time during his four-year Michigan career. His junior year saw nine pressures, and he didn't give up any sacks or hits in 2023. There are flaws in his technique, such as dropping his head while blocking, but they are fixable with coaching. His strengths outweigh his weaknesses, making him a viable mid-round pick.We should see Zinter picked between the 64-96 range in the upcoming draft.