Michigan vs Washington: A deep dive into the hidden NFL Draft gems of the College Football Championship (CFC)

The CFC will be a huge opportunity for these 10 players to elevate their draft stock and become first round picks.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
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The Wide Receiver Wonders: Jaylen Polk and Jalen McMillan

Ja’Lynn Polk, the playmaker: Polk, the wide receiver from Washington, has been a revelation this season. Polk is a receiver renowned for his accuracy and can line up either inside or outside. He is a talented ball-catcher, possessing great hands and an innate understanding of how to secure the ball even in contested situations. His long arms provide an advantage to winning jump balls, while his burst and strength make it hard for defenders to bully him off the line or down the field. He tracks the ball very well, and his catch radius is quite vast.

Furthermore, his footwork could use some refining but his explosiveness and twitch as a route-runner and ball-carrier are above-average. All in all, Polk is an excellent receiver.His explosive playmaking ability has seen him averaging 17 yards per touch. Polk's draft stock is projected to be in the 60-80 range.

Jalen McMillan, the underdog: Jalen McMillan, another wide receiver from Washington, has shown tremendous potential. McMillan was an incredibly reliable asset for Penix in his first season with the Huskies. He had a minimum of four catches in each game except one, which was under 58 yards. He was a great addition to any offense due to his steady skillset. McMillan is not viewed as a dangerous player, but he has good size at 6'0" and 188 pounds, allowing him to line up as an outside or inside receiver. He won the trust of Penix with his dependable routes and great hands.

He is good at recognizing the down and distance and can fool defenders with his positioning to create a target window. He has an adequate amount of acceleration and burst to make space after the catch. He is a natural hands catcher and has a proper catch radius which helps him to bring in off-target throws. He is a low-risk, high-reward prospect who can be an immediate help to any offense.Despite being projected between the 75-96 range, McMillan's ability to adapt and make big plays could surprise many in the draft.