Los Angeles Rams: 3 fascinating NFL prospects team should target in the 2024 NFL Draft

With a possible top 10 pick for the first time in years the draft executives for the Los Angeles Rams need to be paying close attention as the CFB season comes to a close.
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Cooper DeJean: A Rising Star in the Secondary

A Rising Star in College Football: One player who has caught the attention of scouts and analysts is Iowa CB Cooper DeJean. Known for his exceptional play in the secondary, DeJean has all the tools to become a lockdown cornerback in the NFL. His combination of speed, agility, and anticipation makes him a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks and receivers.

Key attributes and playing style: DeJean's ability to read routes and make quick breaks on the ball sets him apart from his peers. His natural ball-hawking instincts have resulted in numerous interceptions and pass breakups throughout his college career. Furthermore, his physicality and willingness to play a strong run defense make him a well-rounded player who can contribute to various aspects of the game.

How DeJean fits into the Rams' defensive scheme

The Rams' defensive scheme relies heavily on the secondary's ability to disrupt passing plays and create turnovers. Cooper DeJean's skill set aligns perfectly with this philosophy. His presence would provide the Rams with a reliable cornerback and add depth and competition to the secondary unit. With DeJean in their ranks, the Rams' defense would become an even more formidable force to contend with. He would make Rams fan forget the name Jalen Ramsey immediately.