Kyler Murray trade rumors: Cardinals QB could transcend career with these 3 NFL franchises

Will the Arizona Cardinals trade Kyler Murray? If so, here are three NFL franchises willing to take a shot at Murray's dual-threat ability.
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New England Patriots: A Mac Jones for Kyler Murray swap in the making?

Whenever there are trade rumors involving a young quarterback needing a change, the New England Patriots are a team always thrown in the mix. 

A franchise set at the position for over two decades suddenly are a team searching for the next GUY.  2020 first round pick Mac Jones doesn’t seem to be that guy, at least with how the offense is working or not working with him at the quarterback position.

Some will blame that on Belichick and what he put around Jones, while others put the blame on offensive line issues, but despite those setbacks, Mac Jones has lacked that thing called leadership.   Well, perhaps Murray hasn’t shown much of that either, especially when it comes to work ethic, but he is a player who could make things happen with his arm and feet.

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones
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Now, while Belichick has had success against Murray, he knows the type of quarterback he is and heaped praise of the Cardinals quarterback prior to the Patriots and Cardinals matchup last December.

“He extends a lot of plays, and they use him in the quarterback run game. Kliff’s [former Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury] used him on that," Belichick said of Kyler Murray. "I mean Kliff, obviously, coached in college, had (Patrick) Mahomes and everything else, so he knows how to use and put pressure on defenses with athletic quarterbacks. So, not only does Murray do it, but he’s also in a system that I would say probably enhances it.”

This is not saying the Patriots are giving up on Mac Jones just yet, but if things continue to trend how they are trending, Belichick may decide to use Jones as a trade chip for Murray along with maybe a mid-round pick.  That would at least give Mac Jones a chance to show what he can do in another system.  It would also create some buzz in New England with a quarterback with dual-threat ability.


The new couple of weeks will tell the fate of Mac Jones in New England, so don’t be surprised if Kyler Murray to the Patriots trade rumors heat up even if Jones plays well.