Kyler Murray trade rumors: Cardinals QB could transcend career with these 3 NFL franchises

Will the Arizona Cardinals trade Kyler Murray? If so, here are three NFL franchises willing to take a shot at Murray's dual-threat ability.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Denver Broncos: The Sean Payton effect could refresh Kyler Murray’s career

Yeah, the Denver Broncos will likely have a shot at one of the top quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft, so why would they make a deal for Kyler Murray?

Furthermore, if Broncos head coach Sean Payton is not getting it down with Russell Wilson, why would things be different with another undersized quarterback.  Well, what the 26-year-old QB has working for him is that he’s younger than Wilson and an established signal caller in the league who has shown success.  Payton could certainly work with that and perhaps begin to establish the type of offense he had with the New Orleans Saints where another undersized quarterback flourished, Drew Brees.

We are not saying Murray will be Brees under Payton, but the journey would be similar.  Before becoming the Brees we all know with the Saints, the former NFL quarterback spent his first five seasons with the Chargers before being traded at the age of 26.  Ironic right?

So, why not give him a shot under Payton?  He could benefit from an established coach and also the change of scenery could be the spark he needs to transcend his career as an NFL quarterback.

Now, the Broncos could still draft a quarterback, but bringing in Murray could help them upgrade talent in other areas.  Would they be willing to give up a high-to-mid round pick?  If Murray does prove to be healthy, the Broncos are not a shy team when it comes to making these types of deals.