Could Jayden Daniels be the Steelers' answer at QB? 3 best options at No. 16 in 2024 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers have heart but are in desperate need to blue chip talent.
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The Penn State Nittany Lions have a tradition of producing successful NFL edge rushers, and Chop Robinson will likely be the next one. The Steelers going with Robinson at 16 would tremendously upgrade the D-line and make it nearly impossible to double up on TJ Watt. 

At 6'3" and 250 pounds, Robinson isn't the biggest, but his strong get-off and bendiness make him a reliable pressure generator. He's incredibly quick off the ball and has a very flexible lower body, giving him a lot of potential as an edge rusher in the NFL. 

He's also got sneaky strength and is physical at the point of contact. His hand placement and leverage are sometimes inconsistent, but his elite get-off and quick reaction to the snap help him to set up his pass rush moves, square up against the offensive lineman, and use shake to make the tackle hesitate. 

Additionally, he has several finesse moves that he can win with, such as a hand swipe, stick move, and ghost rush. If the tackle has a weak base, he can beat them by turning speed into power. Robinson is also a top-tier athlete who clocks in at 4.4 speed, making him very fast and explosive off the edge, even if his bendiness isn't the best.

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Robison at 16 will allow the Steelers to add a center, tackle, or go receiver, with the 47th pick supporting Pickett while increasing TJ Watts' effectiveness. Then, with two third-round picks, grab one of the top-tier defensive tackles that will likely slip to the third round.