Could Jayden Daniels be the Steelers' answer at QB? 3 best options at No. 16 in 2024 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers have heart but are in desperate need to blue chip talent.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been impressive and disappointing at the same time this season. This season, they are a bottom-ten team in the NFL, but their legendary head coach Mike Tomlin has willed them into a fringe playoff team. Sadly, they are in the toughest and most talented division in football, the AFC North. As we prepare for the next segment of our mid-season divisional mock draft, the AFC North, we are looking at the motivation, strategies, and possibilities of the Steelers at the number 16 overall pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft.

The Steelers have to make a decision: continue with Kenny Picket and surround him with support that can complement his blue-collar passing/game management style, or move on to a more capable QB. Ideally, giving Pickett three seasons is the right move, but this draft class is loaded with abs that will change the league's landscape, and timing is everything. 

With few pieces to move outside of Chukwuma Okorafo and Diontae Johnson as UFAs in 2025 and minimal extra draft capital, moving up for Caleb Williams or Marrvin Harrison Jr is not impossible, but it would be an unnecessary gamble. 

Lastly, defensive needs at CB, upgrading the EDGE position, and getting a replacement for the 34-year-old Cameron Heyward are at the forefront of the Steeler's draft strategy.