Commanders’ Ben Sinnott brings ‘unlimited’ versatility to Kliff Kingsbury’s offense

2024 NFL Draft second round pick brings unlimited versatility to NFL offense.
Kansas State's Ben Sinnott
Kansas State's Ben Sinnott / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The Washington Commanders got their quarterback with the selection of LSU’s Jayden Daniels with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.  They also selected a versatile playmaker in the second round with the selection of Kansas State tight end Ben Sinnott with the No. 53 overall pick on Day 2 of the draft.

Projected as the second-best tight end in the draft behind Brock Bowers, Sinnott was a projected third round pick entering the draft, but with his versatility and athleticism, the Commanders new rookie tight end should fit right into Kliff Kingsbury’s style of offense.  As an offensive coordinator who likes to spread out the defense and attack down field, Sinnott has the pass catching ability to line up as a receiver given his route running ability.

In other words, a perfect fit for Kingsbury and the Commanders' offense.

Ben Sinnott ready to shine with the Commanders and build chemistry with Jayden Daniels

During his last season at Kansas State, Sinnott caught 49 receptions and led the team with 676 receiving yards.  In a spread offense Sinnott would present for an interesting target for Daniels and he can also line up as a fullback and be useful in the bubble screen game that Kingsbury likes to fun.  His blocking ability would also be utilized in that scheme. 

Speaking of that versatility, Sinnott is “excited” to bring his skillset to the Commanders’ offense and describes that versatility as “unlimited” with what he feels he can do in an NFL offense.

“Yeah, I mean I think it’s just unlimited,” Sinnott said in his press conference following the draft.  “The amount of things I can do is unlimited.  With my alignments, with what [Kansas] K State trusted me with.  I think Coach Kingsbury’s going to have a lot of fun with what he can do and with where he can put me.  So, I’m excited.  I’m beyond pumped to be in a system like this.”

Sinnott is also pumped to play with his new QB as he trained with Daniels a few times in California.  The new Commanders tight end said he was able to build a little bit of chemistry which Kingsbury will also have fun building into a greater chemistry.

What will also excite Commanders fans about Sinnott is his ability to run after the catch.  With his size (6-foot-4, 250 pounds), his quickness will surprise defenders and he’ll use that size to break through tackles and gain additional yardage.  Much like Sam LaPorta with the Detroit Lions in 2023, Ben Sinnott could flourish as a rookie given the situation he was drafted into.  It should be fun as the Commanders are building an exciting offense in 2024.

It all starts with Jayden Daniels, but Sinnott will prove to be a great addition as well.