Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Full first round includes 7 total trades

Ryan Poles flexes his muscles in a wild first round.
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Jerry Jones is a man who loves the spotlight, and he sees an opportunity to move up to pick no. 18, so he takes it.

Cowboys Bengals trade

Sending 2025 capital to the Bengals in exchange for moving up six spots, the Cowboys look at solidifying part of their offensive line.

J.C. Latham. J.C. Latham. 123. J.C. Latham. . player. 18. . OT. Alabama

The offensive line used to be one of the best in the game, but injuries have given this group question marks. With the Cowboys opting not to re-sign Tyron Smith, they get a long-term replacement with Alabama's J.C. Latham. Dak Prescott is now better protected for the foreseeable future.

. . CB. Terrion Arnold. Terrion Arnold. 19. Terrion Arnold. Alabama. player. 51

A defense that played much better than anyone would have anticipated last year, the Los Angeles Rams still need help in the secondary. At pick no. 19, they get a guy some believe could be the top cornerback in this draft in Alabama's Terrion Arnold, making it back-to-back Crimson Tide players hearing their names called.

20. Nate Wiggins. 55. Clemson. Nate Wiggins. player. Nate Wiggins. . . CB

The Pittsburgh Steelers feel lucky to have seen the run on quarterbacks, because they've been eyeing a cornerback all along. Little did they know, they'd be able to find Clemson's Nate Wiggins at pick no. 20. Between Wiggins and Joey Porter Jr., now, the Steelers are set for a good while.