Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Full first round includes 7 total trades

Ryan Poles flexes his muscles in a wild first round.

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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The 2024 NFL Draft is about two months away, but we're close to knowing what might happen with the Chicago Bears at the very top of the order.

Recently, NBC Sports' Peter King gave us his thoughts on what he thinks the Bears could do, and despite plenty of reports suggesting they'll trade Justin Fields, King thinks otherwise. Noting he believes the Bears should trade the first overall pick, King gives hope to those Fields truthers out there.

With that information in mind, let's get right to our latest mock draft where general manager Ryan Poles flexes his muscles while the entire first round sees a whopping seven trades in total.

In this 2024 NFL mock draft, the Chicago Bears indeed trade the first overall pick.

Commanders Bears trade

We heard Tom Pelissero once say he believes it could take multiple firsts for Washington to even move up a single spot, so with that information, you get a trade like the one above. The Bears net a second rounder this year and an additional first-round pick in 2025, giving them two firsts next year.

Caleb Williams. 1. 58. Caleb Williams. QB. . player. . USC. Caleb Williams

With the first overall pick, the Washington Commanders go with quarterback Caleb Williams out of USC. It makes sense as most believe he's the top prospect in this class, while new offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury was on staff at USC next to Williams last year.

At pick no. 2, the Bears once again make a trade, as King suggested in his final column this week. In several simulations I completed, the one team that continued to come up as an interested party in this no. 2 selection was the New York Giants, believe it or not.

Bears Giants trade

To recap, the Bears are now sitting with the no. 6 and no. 9 picks, for now. They also now have three first rounders, two seconds and two thirds in 2025.

Drake Maye. 2. North Carolina. player. Drake Maye. . QB. . Drake Maye. 31

The Giants have a problem on their hands with the Daniel Jones contract, but they are going to do whatever is necessary to get the quarterback position right. That's why they move up for Drake Maye. Look at the Denver Broncos, eating a ton of cash in order to get rid of Russell Wilson. Teams want to get the position right, and the Giants are doing just that.

So we've got Williams to Washington and Maye to the Giants. Moving on to New England, where things could begin to get interesting.