Which teams are the perfect fit for Brock Bowers? Here are three top NFL destinations

Georgia Bulldogs tight end Brock Bowers is elite and here are three NFL teams that will be great destinations for the two-time John Mackey award-winner.
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Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow to Brock Bowers!

The silver lining to the Cincinnati Bengals losing Joe Burrow for the rest of the season is that they could end up with a high draft pick.

Now, Jake Browning is trying his best to savage the season, but let’s say the Bengals remain in the middle of the first round.  If Brock Bowers is in reach, should the team trade up to get Burrow another playmaker in the offense.

With Tee Higgins approaching free agency, finding another target outside of Ja’Marr Chase could be a focus for the Bengals in the offseason.  A Burrow to Bowers NFL connection would be quite intriguing as the veteran QB hasn’t had that star tight end talent so far in his career.


The team did bring in Irv Smith Jr., but so far he has just 16 receptions for 97 yards.  Backup tight end Drew Sample has similar production.  So, the tight end role in the Bengals offense hasn’t been a focal point but with Chase and Higgins on the outside, there hasn’t been a big need, but with defenses continuing to lock down on Chase, the potential of a Bowers dominating the middle of the field could make Burrow that much more dangerous as a gunslinger.

In conclusion, there are several teams who would love a talent like Bowers.  But, as far as him finding immediate success, the three teams noted as top destinations are fits for Bowers for different and intriguing reasons.