Which teams are the perfect fit for Brock Bowers? Here are three top NFL destinations

Georgia Bulldogs tight end Brock Bowers is elite and here are three NFL teams that will be great destinations for the two-time John Mackey award-winner.
Georgia v Florida
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Los Angles Chargers: Justin Herbert forms that tight end connection again

There are a lot of mock drafts that have linked Brock Bowers to the Los Angeles Chargers and thinking back to Justin Herbert’s rookie season, he thrived with a pass-catching tight end in the offense.  In that respect, Bowers would make a ton of sense in a Chargers’ uniform.

With star power on the defensive side of the ball, the Chargers could afford to target a game changer like Bowers high in the draft.  Currently sitting with the No. 12 overall pick, the Georgia standout could be just out of range, but the Chargers could end up somewhere in the top 10 if they can’t string together more wins the rest of the season.  If they do string together wins, they could find themselves back in the playoff mix.

Justin Herbert
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Either way, there will be some changes in the offseason because despite the talent of Herbert, the offense hasn’t flowed consistently.  Keenan Allen has been Keenan Allen, but the biggest disappointment has been 2023 first-round pick Quentin Johnson who hasn’t been able to find his footing so far in the NFL.

While he still has a chance to settle into the NFL and become a big target for Herbert, a pass-catching tight end like Bowers would give the young quarterback the reliable target he had when he was throwing to Hunter Henry during his rookie season.

In all, Bowers could be the missing piece in L.A.