Bill Belichick NFL trade rumors: Could Patriots legendary coach be a target of these 3 NFC teams?

Could New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick finish his coaching career with another NFL team?
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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New York Giants: Bill Belichick would end his career where it began

The Bill Belichick back to New York Giants narrative (or pipe dream) has been out there for a few seasons now, even before the Patriots started flirted with mediocrity. 

While Belichick has gloated repeatedly about the greatness of Giants legend Lawrence Taylor, a player he coached while he was defensive coordinator of the Giants under Bill Parcels, it seems his time in New York has a special place in his heart.  How fitting would it be if he broke Don Shula’s coaching wins record in the place he found his first success as a coach in the NFL.

With current coach Brian Daboll possibly on the hot seat himself, New York Giants owner John k. Mara and Steve Tisch may look at Belichick and see an opportunity to transcend the franchise back into Super Bowl contention.

Although the Giants’ offense may be as bad or worse than the Patriots, the defense is strong and that would be a great starting point for Belichick.  Depending on what the draft compensation would be if a trade went down between the Patriots and Giants, Belichick would have an opportunity to draft the next franchise quarterback if he decides Daniel Jones doesn’t fit the mode.

Patriots fans may read this and laugh due to Belichick’s recent draft history when it comes to drafting offensive players, but a new team and an opportunity for a fresh start could spark Belichick into a different approach with roster building.


If Kraft is willing to listen to offers and one comes from the New York Giants, the Patriots owner would have the respect for Belichick to send him to the franchise of his choice.  One would assume that is the Giants due to nostalgia.