Bill Belichick NFL trade rumors: Could Patriots legendary coach be a target of these 3 NFC teams?

Could New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick finish his coaching career with another NFL team?
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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has found himself on the hot seat all season.  Unless the team turns things around quickly, could another NFL franchise benefit from a Belichick departure from a team he led to two decades of dominance?

After the announcement that Belichick did receive a “lucrative” contract extension prior to the season, it would appear unlikely that Patriots owner Robert Kraft would make a change during the season, but what about in the offseason?

Despite those leaked contract details, the Patriots could have a decision to make when it comes to Belichick.  If teams come calling and offer draft picks for Belichick, would Kraft be willing to move on if it meant an opportunity to restart his franchise? 

If you ask most Patriots fans that question after watching the team start the season at 2-6, it would be an enthusiastic yes that Kraft move on from Belichick and allow him to continue or refuel his success elsewhere like Tom Brady did when he moved on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Due to roster management, poor drafts, coaching decisions, and the regression of Mac Jones, it could all spell the end of Belichick in New England.  If 2023 is the final season of the “Hoodie” in Foxborough, which team is the next franchise willing to give up draft picks for the legendary coach?  Here are 3 teams who could come calling. 

All 3 teams happen to reside in the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys: Just for the reason of Bill Belichick coaching Micah Parsons

Let’s start with a team that Bill Belichick could come to and win right away.  With an offense and defense already in place, Belichick somehow working for Jerry Jones would be must see NFL TV.

For that possibility to happen, the Cowboys would need to do nothing in the playoffs.  If there was a team with a winning record that would make such a change, it would be the Cowboys who are starving for postseason success.  If there is a sign that Mike McCarthy isn’t the right play caller in Dallas, there will be rumblings, but with this team on the list, the hype would be seeing Belichick coach a player like Micah Parsons.

Belichick has already been asked about a comparison between Parsons and Lawrence Taylor and the Patriots coach had this to say:

"I would just say I wouldn't put anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor, period. Maybe I'm prejudiced but I saw that guy every day for over a decade, and he tilted the field for a decade. Until somebody does that, and there's a lot of great players. I'm not taking anything away from anybody else. There's a lot of great players that have been in this league, that are in this league, but personally, I'm not putting anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor. Not yet."

But would that change once he got an opportunity to coach Parsons?  Would Parson grow into an even more dominant defensive player under Belichick?  Those are intriguing questions, but also imagine how good that Cowboys defense could be with Belichick scheming.

Keep in mind that he has already coached Stephon Gilmore and would do wonders with a healthy Trevon Diggs in the defensive backfield.  That would also do wonders for what Belichick could do with Parsons. 

Again, the Cowboys ideally aren’t a team that would be on this list, but the impatience of Jerry Jones makes anything possible.  The question would be whether he would want to touch Belichick after his experiment with Bill Parcells.